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  1. Mxjeff29

    12 Foot Pounds of Torque ?!

    I'm going to use this... http://www.timesert.com/html/mtrcsert.html I heard its the way to go. The guy at the shop said this is how they fix all of the bikes brought in by Dumbasses such as myself....Im going to have to change my engine oil bolt with this next time =( Just put a little grease on the tap to catch the shavings and you should be good, to go.!
  2. Mxjeff29

    12 Foot Pounds of Torque ?!

    my engine oil bolt (under the shifter) is cross-threaded right now...next time I change the oil Im gonna have to "time-sert" it...not looking forward to that.... =(
  3. My oil dranning bolt is progressively getting worse (the threads are going in cross-threaded). What can you do? Should I just re-tap the engine case where the oil bolt is?
  4. Mxjeff29

    Leak jet/jetting

    WRONG ....40 is going in the RIGHT direction...the smaller the leak jet, the more fuel is added thus creating a smaller possibilty of hesitation. Last night for the first time my bike ran like a champ (It was 110 at the track last night keep in mind). I have the adjustable R&D and set the leak jet to 40, and the fuel screw to 1 and 3/4.....it ran so good.
  5. I had my leak jet set at 40 with the fuel screw about 2 turns out and it ran like a champ last night....keep in mind it was 110 at the track. I'm finally NOW happy with the adjustability on the R&D. Would I spend $249 buckarooskies all over again now knowing what I know? NOPE.....
  6. Mxjeff29

    Tire Size?

    110 is the right width....I had a 120 and I hated it. Plus you add "un-sprung" weight to your bike.
  7. Mxjeff29

    Leak jet/jetting

    If I was you, I would try the 40 first and start from there....but first and most importantly make sure you bike is jetted right before you try the leak jet approach...I know its a pain the rear end right now, but once you have it figured out, nothing feels better knowing you did it yourself, and you NOW somewhat have an understanding of this whole thing. At least thats how I feel.
  8. Mxjeff29

    Idle Issue

    Ya take a look at the leak jet and fuel screw. More likely than not you have to big of a leak jet in right now (50+). I have an 08 CRF450 and have it set at 40 and it runs like a champ.
  9. Mxjeff29

    Leak jet/jetting

    First of all you dont even need race fuel unless you have your engine modified (And having a pipe or air filter alone doesnt cut it), its just a waste of money, secondly to have an adjustable leak screw would be nice...I believe they sell them in the TT store. I would just stick with a 40 or 50 for a leak jet. If you go with a 40 hesitation will not be as likely.
  10. Mxjeff29

    Leak jet/jetting

    This was posted from WALKINGWOUNDED when I asked about the leak jet, it was a great post!! When you twist your throttle, the accelerator pump shoots a shot of fuel down the throat into the the intake port to help the engine to rev up without hesitation. When you twist the throttle, the plunger pushes fuel through the accelerator nozzle. The diaphragm is under pressure, and has to have some of the pressure bleed back into the bowl. The stock leak jet is a fixed leak. The smaller the leak back into the bowl, the more fuel is forced into the nozzle to stop hesitation on acceleration. The bigger the leak is back into the bowl, the less fuel is forced into the nozzle, and hesitation is more likely. The aftermarket adjustable leak jet is just that, adjustable. You turn the screw in and close of the leak back into the bowl, and more fuel is forced into the nozzle to prevent hesitation. Open up the adjustable leak jet, and more fuel leaks back into the bowl, with hesitation more likely.
  11. absolutely right. Install the screw first, then "fina-gale" then bowl around it, then put the screws back....I have the Sunline adjustable screw.
  12. Mxjeff29

    Leak jet/jetting

    Hey guys, I have the R&D power bowl with the adjustable leak jet...Should it be at a 40 or 50? I have the fuel screw at about 1 3/4 right now, and the leakjet at 1-3/4 turns (which is inbetween 40 and 50). Doesn't the leak jet control the hesitation or bogging of the bike when the throttle is pulled back? The more you turn the leak jet in, the less hesitation on the throttle response right? -I have no engine mods/ and a FMF 4.1 carbon pipe. I live in AZ and its "kinda" hot here right now. Last time I went to the track it was 115 for night practice. I think she's running a bit rich.
  13. Mxjeff29

    R&D Powerbowl...do you like it?

    I completely agree with Rickk. I have had the same experience with my '08. The bike actually ran better stock....now I have to screw with it constantly. I was almost tempted to just put the freckin bike back to stock!
  14. Mxjeff29

    Maxxis SI????

    Everyone likes this tire. I race/ride at SpeedWorld/ET. For me personally I like the 756 front and 952 rear....works like MAGIC....Crazy traction. I have heard good things about the MAXXIS SI though....I may try them out on my next set to save some dough from DUNLOPS....haha:blah: