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    WR450 - help me

    Can anyone help me with my '04 WR450 suspension ? I own this bike for 2 months now (used to ride an XR400) and I taught the suspension would be much better. It is better than that on the XR400, but I'm not satisfied. I've set the adjusters stock, the oil level in the fork is OK, the sag is OK, fork spring is 0.42kg/mm, shock spring is 4.9 kg/mm, I'm 163 lbs. I only ride off road, no mx, only fire roads & tight trails. 1 - The bike feels soft (when going high speed), when I hit rocks that protrude out of the road it feels like the fork bottomed, but when i check the dirt on the fork tubes there is still about 2-3 inches of travel. 2 - The rear end kicks up quite bad when going downhill and I hit a rock or a root, also handling going downhill is not very good (the bike kind of goes its way, it feels very unsafe) 3 - I can't go fast on loose rocks (big 3-5" rocks), some guys I ride with just fly over this things, I can keep with them for a few meters, but after a while I just back off because it feels very dangerous (maybe I'm ) At the end of a long ride (5-6 hours), my bones hurt. Now that that I learned to stand more like some pro riders suggested, the pain has gone from my back to my knees (well I'm maybe just getting old). So I don't want a stiff suspension that would beat me even more. Any suggestions how to make it better ?