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  1. Westerkulla

    Basic setup for an off road bike.

    Cut my 790 bend renthal bars to 30". Put them all the way wront, centered above the fork caps in renthal adjustable T-clamp. Feels good on predictable terrain and corners well. Maybe a bit scetchier when charging unfamiliar&unpredictable rough terrain. My sore wrists seem to like narrow bars better, more room to move;)
  2. Dr. Mark, After x-rays and MRI scan I was diagnosed diminshing STT joint space i.e. osteoarthritis in those surfaces of the wrist. Some years ago there were also osteoarthritis findings in my knee arthroscopy so the doctor said inherited the 'disease'. I've got some pain at both ends of the sideways movement of the hands, sometimes pain during rest also but not often. I've had sensations like this every now and then for 10 years now, in mountain biking, for example (driving go-karts has been the most painful so far). The doctor said he'd recommend glukosamine and he'd not recommend off-road motorcycling! I've been riding enduro two to four times a week for 4 months now, after a 20 year break, and the wrists have been giving me some trouble all the time, although they felt the worst during the first month of riding and have gradually hurt a bit less (because of better control of the bike?). I've narrowed my bars to avoid twisting the wrists but sometimes the wrists get sore. I'm a bit uncertain about the future of my dirt biking. Want to ride, but don't want to end up living in pain for the rest of my live. You've had patients that ride, what's your take on this?
  3. Westerkulla

    Treating Labrum Tears

    Had my labrum (the front half) repaired after 6 months of conservative treatment with little success. Actually riding was one of the things I could do, swimming, surfing and sleeping(!) were a pain. During the first weeks after the operation it was the most painful healing process of the 10 operations I've had but it has healed perfectly, it's better now than before the accident. I'm 37. It was anchored with 'biodegradable' screws and sewn.
  4. Westerkulla

    WEC-Results/USA/Canada question

    I undestand your point from the wiev of a national level racer who wants to ride ISDE once a year. Sad, like you said. But in the WEC series it's all global. You'd need international sponsors like the rest of us. For example, there's no bike industry in Finland that could have helped Juha Salminen and all the other finnish guys to go pro. Each of them has proven their speed in few selected events and signed international deals to support their professional carees. I bet if an american had finished in the top three in Canada or NY, he would have had a fair chance to ride the whole series next year. Doesn't your best enduro star, Curt Caselli, have his sponship deals allright? It won't be easy to win internationally. Europeans took a late start in Supercross and euro motocross hasn't really catched american level to date. Americans might be facing the same obstacles in the enduro scene.
  5. Westerkulla

    WEC-Results/USA/Canada question

    Nuff said There were also interviews on WEC italy TV-show that told about more endurance focused racing: Petri Pohjamo (2003 world champ 125) said that the courses are actually too difficult now, you can lose minutes during one extreme test. He'd prefer more speed oriented racing of the past. Mika Ahola (currently 2nd in enduro2) said he was completely exhausted after the Italy race. He used to say you don't need stamina but speed for enduro. There was eleven enduro2 class DNFs!
  6. Westerkulla

    WEC-Results/USA/Canada question

    Knight won't be getting a chance to prove he is THE MAN. Second best maybe, since Juha Salminen will return to Europe next season. So far Salminen and Knight have ridden in the same class twice (in 2001 and 2003) and Juha was the world champ both times. Knight would desperately need a couple of more chances to win Salminen, but he'd still need 9 more world championships and one (soon two) GNCC titles to match Juha. Anyways, just saw on TV Knight riding the rocky WEC Italy race. He was dominating his class. And looks like he's really enjoying riding a motorcycle
  7. Westerkulla

    WEC-Results/USA/Canada question

    The european enduro timekeeping is easy enough to allow any offroad rider to win a WEC or ISDE race, if he's good enough a rider. Motocrosser Stefan Everts did it in Brazil with little enduro experience whatsoever. Our Finnish National Championships and races are quite different from the WEC races too. The format is the same but the courses aren't. That does not stop our riders doing pretty well in WEC. GNCC is more like woods motocross than WEC enduro. That doesn't stop Juha Salminen dominating the series. No offence, but I think the reason Why Salminen and Knight don't take part in U.S enduro is the same why Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson don't take part in Finnish basketball series. And I don't mean money here.
  8. Westerkulla

    WEC-Results/USA/Canada question

    Back in the 80's i was a diehard motocross kid and the americans like David Bailey and Jeff Ward were my heroes. Now I'm back riding enduros, and the top guys like Juha Salminen and Samuli Aro live practically next door. I like it this way I always wonder why Dirt Rider covers WEC so little? Our local magasines give a lot of space to U.S motocross, because everybody knows americans have the premier MX series. Isn't the american off-road audience intrested in the worlds premier enduro series? In MX Jean Michel Bayle was a true world champion because he proved his point by winning World titles and then National titles in the US. Why aren't the U.S. National Enduro Champions ambitious enough to try to prove their point in WEC series?
  9. Someone may see someone naked. A pit nudist:eek: This topic is surreal.
  10. Next weekend there's an enduro race with either horrible dust or thunderstorm with showers. If I play it safe, how do the Roll-Offs cope with dust, does it get in between the film and lens? Which is better in dusty conditions, the Roll-Off lens with 'studs' or a regular lens? I should know by myself but it's 20 years since I've used Roll-Offs (and raced a motorcycle)
  11. Westerkulla

    Does handlebar length matters?

    So Juha Salminen, David Knight, Ivan Cervantes and Samuli Aro, they all run sub 30 in bars. Their bars don't look so narrow in the pictures? Before cutting mine, I'll definitely ask Petteri Silvan (4 time world champ) about his bar width if I see him at the nationals next week.
  12. Sitting down is an option only if the terrain is smooth and the trail is like straight-turn-straight. I prefer to sit when there's very aggressive acceleration after each turn. But most of the time it isn't so smooth and the turns follow each other. You'll be a lot more fluid standing. If the rocks and bumps don't tell you to stand, you'll learn by followong someone who's going faster. I use my outside knee to lean & guide the bike, the bars will follow. I lean as far forward as I dare during acceleration to save my arms, face above the front fender, even when it's rocky terrain Try riding a MX track without sitting down. You'll learn smoothness and weight distribution. And you'll be faster than you thought. BTW Why are most bikes left-hand drivetrain nowdays? I'f they were right we could have shift-pedal axle higher. We could set the shirter higher for stand-up riding without making it point way upwards, which affects the up-shifting action. Just my 2 cents.
  13. Westerkulla

    Basic setup for an off road bike.

    Dwight, One more on the narrow bar subject: would you ride ~29 in bars even when there were no trees on this planet? I'm asking 'cause I don't buy the the trees as a reason to cut the bars, if the bars don't hit the trees, shoulders or elbows will. And you can always lean more into the turn. But I believe in narrow bar ergonomics. I'm after better ergonomics for rocky trails without headshakes on mx track. I've got 30,7 in bars now and I might go shorter to be able move on the bike more. I'm 5'8" with short arms.
  14. Westerkulla

    Training bad wrists safely?

    I've got some problems with both my wrists, pain on the inside where the bone that starts from the thumb meets the wrist. It hurts to that spot both when extending or compressing the joint (at both extremes of the side-to-side movement of the wrist). I've had this problem before, maybe 10 years ago, due to extensive winter mountain biking. Back then the doctor wasn't sure if it was carpal tunnel syndrome or wear in the wrist joint surfaces. Switcing to a handlebar with more sweep has helped, a modern straight bar was a pain. Motocross is ok, tricky trials style enduro with swamp pits & logs is worse. Also, I've noticed that if I stay in control and don't wear out my muscles, the wrists take it a lot better. Since I've started riding this spring, after a 20 year break, I think I could improve things by gettin more power to my arms. Any good 'wrist control' excercises that are safe and effective? Other tips & info is very welcome too.
  15. Westerkulla

    No more knee braces?

    Took a ride without them. Natural feeling, no pain, superb agility, less fatigue. The braces are for sale;)