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  1. Cool thanks for the info :-) Any body else have any actual test idea's??
  2. Hey I did a google search and only got articles on why they are so good not how to test 1 that i buy from ebay any ideas ?? or things to watch out or "feel" for ???? thanks Randy
  3. xsintrick1

    KTM EXC wiring pics wanted

    What no body ??? I cant believe it so BTTT R
  4. xsintrick1

    please help tkm 300mxc?

    Ditto on what Gmoss said and I agree 1995 is to old Get a 1998 (First year of the Frame change ) or newer Hey where is this dealer i wanna do a $ challenge with him Ill roost his Brain and his Wallet :-) R
  5. xsintrick1

    KTM EXC wiring pics wanted

    i have a old e but a goodie 1999 300 mxc i want to put a head light and tail light on I will buy - pay for your 2- 3 good pics of your Stock ktm 300 EXC wiring pics I have the Stock manual but it does not show the type of plug or were the wiring is spliced into to get power to the light switch email me direct is best with how much $ you want for your pics thanks Randy doctor4x4@hotmail.com
  6. xsintrick1

    300 Pictures

    fletchman919 wins in my book Dude that should be in a print ad commercial I sugesst you submit it to ktm ad dept. PROPS to all the outhers also ill try to get 1 up soon Randy
  7. xsintrick1

    ktm 300 exc - mxc Wiring ???

    I hope this is the right spot to post this I did search but no luck Does anybody on here know what years the wiring harness are interchangeable ?? I have a 1999 300 mxc and want to put a head light and tail light on it like a exc what years can i get the wiring from to match up i currently have the stator its the same on a mxc and a exc according to the Factory manuel thanks for any help Randy