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  1. fredsnow

    Kahuku Hawaii

    Bike did pretty good most of the way up. Once I made it to the top, it didn't want to run. I think I actually coasted down just a short way, then bump started it back to life when I left.
  2. fredsnow

    Kahuku Hawaii

    I was on the Big Island, but I had to move back to California so I could make some real money. I'd still be there if I could afford it. shameless self picture time even went snowboarding while I was there!
  3. this should help http://www.techpb.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=15313
  4. fredsnow

    MRD/SSW Exhaust Hardware

    here http://shop.thumpertalk.com/oem.php?partcategory=74444&manufacturer=6&category=3&year=2006&model=4848 all the parts needed are listed
  5. Must have done a couple hundred miles on mine before I noticed it was loose. Felt like an idiot, becuase I had read all about the fix here on TT but forgot. That was around 5-6 thousand miles. It happened again at around 15,000 miles due to a crappy loctite job. I now have 29,000 miles on my bike and no bushings/bearings have been replaced. I may be one of the lucky ones? I now check it before and after each ride.
  6. fredsnow

    Tool Kit Relocation?

    There is a great spot behind the headlight shroud. The tool bag fits snug. You just need to secure in place.
  7. This is your new best friend http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/215-drz400-faq/
  8. fredsnow

    A little ticked with Wheeling Supply Co.

    Bummer you feel mislead. Wheeling Cycle has gone above & well beyond the normal to help me when I shopped with them. I have seen a banner that states free shipping on orders over $300. I'm sure it's just a glitch with their website ordering system. You know a better way to get some help would be to contact Wheeling Cycle Supply direct. Posting a thread thousands see is NOT going to help anyone. It can hurt a company that has proven to Thousands here on Thumpertalk that they care.
  9. fredsnow

    Dual Star Mirrors - How safe for riding?

    Sure they will. I have hand guards on my Z. I just cut the hand grip a bit short and mounted the mirror there. No issues.
  10. fredsnow

    help finding item

    Funny how this is repeated again & again. My Mikuni sat for a couple of years until someone on another forum asked for one. He got one from me, jet kit, boot and fuel screw. All for the price of shipping. I was more then happy to get that thing off the bench.
  11. fredsnow

    Lift stand

    I use this one. Works perfect with my DRZ and fits under my e-line guard. http://www.wheelingc...AAAAT-99991.jpg
  12. fredsnow

    Dual Star Mirrors - How safe for riding?

    I use crg bar end mirrors and really like them. The viewing perspective is large. I'd say with one on each bar you can see nearly the full 180 degrees behind you. I only use one on my left side now. Only downside I'd say is location, it could be an issue if you were to spend too much time checking mirror. Check out the Aprillia stock mirrors. They have a clean look and are in a easy/proper viewing location.
  13. fredsnow


    Dooh? I could use a black set too. Hint hint.
  14. fredsnow

    New (to me) DRZ-400 SM...

    Ha, you are right about the stickers. Those are 07 or 08. That tail light is very funky too. Axel sliders were stock on 07 and after too. Either way, one Hell of a deal.