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  1. Kinda similar to an earlier post but I didn't see any specific responses. I want to SM and DS my 426 along with getting it street legal. I'll probably just track it once every few months but hit the canyons weekly. I'm pretty sure I'm going with some White Bros. pre-laced wheels with the rear being a 4.25" wide wheel to avoid rubbing. Also, I'm going to get a a Baja Designs kit to get it streetable. So a couple of questions. 1. What tires and size are guys running(thinking 120/70 f. & 160/60 r)? 2. Sprocket size for mostly street? 3. Stator recomendations for lighting? 4. what else might I need? TIA- Kimo
  2. myr1isfun

    Pro Circuit 496 Pipe ?

    This is for my 2000 YZ426
  3. myr1isfun

    Pro Circuit 496 Pipe ?

    Just ordered a Pro Circuit 496 silencer because my T4 pipe wont pass the 96db test. Even with the quiet insert the T4 still ran a 101db on a fresh repack. My question is. Will the 496 silencer work on the T4 Ti head pipe. I was told that it should. I just wanted to make sure. If anyone has any experiance with these cans let me know. Also is the 496 that much quieter? Thanks.