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    Anyone wanna trade exhausts?

    I have a full Pro Circuit Ti-4 GP complete Dual exhaust that has only been used twice that I am willing to sell or trade!! Its very clean!!

    RHC CRF 250 Makes The Main

    The RMZ is a very capable engine, with just some standard aftermarket motor parts (PC Head, Yosh Cam & Piston, PC pipe and good jetting) you can get 41 hp easy. I'm sure with even more work you could get a few more easily. Just my 2 cents. And I don't think many of the teams bikes compare to PC, I have personally talked to a few of their riders and they claim in all seriousness that their 250 feels like a 450, thats a lot comming from riders of that caliber!!

    Where to get cheap exhaust?

    there was a pc ti-4 system on ebay, pm me if you want more info

    Carbon Fiber Heat Shield

    If you look at any of the clutch side pictures you will notice that there is a shileld between the exhaust pipe and carb.

    Carbon Fiber Heat Shield

    I am currently working with a company to manufacture carbon fiber carburator heat shields for the CRF250r. There is a picture of a prototype alluminum one on my bike pictured in the garage. I wanted to know if anyone is intrested since I should have about 15 to sell from this batch. The kit comes with a carbon fiber heat shield and a titanium engine mount bolt to mount the shield. The price should be around $100 which is pretty reasonable. Questions, comments, suggestions are welcome Thanks, MX1

    The Ultimate Bike

    The guys over at JP industries in Simi Valley, Ca. took care of doing the anodizing and polishing the hubs (they also do the titanium nitrate coatings). They are one of my sponsors which is why my bike is all blinged out for free. To get the counter sinked look I drilled the holes, got the pieces anodized, and then counter sunk them with a special bit. Its a little bit of work but has a better look to it in the end. The paint was beed blasted off and then the cases were pollished. It looks really good but it is a pain in the ass to keep clean, because the magnisium oxidizes really fast, which is why I don't do it on the practice bikes which I ride 5 times a week.

    The Ultimate Bike

    What number is john logan? I know most of the guys that do the whole series but I don't believe I've met him. Is he doing the entire series this year?

    The Ultimate Bike

    Yes the heat shield is for the carb, but since I took those last pics I have added a gold heat shield tape (the same stuff that is on team suzukis bikes) that helps control the heat even more. There is also a similar heat shield between the head and the gast tank. I haven't hade a chance to test the temp differences, but on a yamaha it decreased the heat getting to the gas tank by 121 degrees which equals more HP. I'll post pics later.

    The Ultimate Bike

    Supermoto is a fun sport, almost as fun as moto. Stateline is comming up in Nevada, are going. Last year at the race was my first time on a supermoto bike and it was prettty fun. By the end of the weekend i felt pretty good and even won one of the 250f qualifiers, but then crashed in the main. (but i had a grin on my face the entire time)

    The Ultimate Bike

    your right black rims do look good before you ride on them, after they look like someone peppered them with a shotgun. Another reason for the stock wheels are because they are lighter than most others out there, and when you are using titanium bolts to save weight why would you add un-needed weight (especially at the ends of the suspension, just my thoughts). The bling oln my bike was done by me, it did not cost anything, and all i had to do was disassemble the bike. not bad huh

    The Ultimate Bike

    Your right the bling doesn't make it faster but why wouldn't you want your bike to look as good as it performs? Anyways it also helps to physch out the compitition when you line up with a flashy bike. I also find it fun turning a bike into a one of a kind race machine. I have worked with AMA pros Tim Weigand, Mike Brown, and Ryan Orr as their race mechanic for the past couple of years. I am currently in the process of starting a race shop of my own.

    The Ultimate Bike

    Thanks for the compliments, the motor is all pc (piston, head, cam, springs, icat, and full hinson clutch)

    The Ultimate Bike

    I'm trying to build the ultimate CRF250 that anyone could go out and buy. Please do me a favor and take a look at it in the garage section. Any comments or suggestions would be cool. Right now my suspension is getting anodized black both uppers and carriers on the forks and the shock body out back. Both ends are getting the blue and green titanium nitrate coating. Thanks