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  1. Appreciate The Tips My Fellow Thumpertalk Forum Buddies!!!
  2. OK so, i have WHITE Tech 10s and i have about 8 rides on them, they are still mostly white but they are turing brown in spots, any way to get them clean??!
  4. one fits your bike exact and oneis universal
  5. 1 time i took them off at this one track and dirt got into my forkseals and they blew ouit so when i hit a jump the forks bottomend out and i broke my left wrist it was not real fun i was pretty stupid of me jus thot u shud know dawg
  6. has it finshed rainign there yet
  7. has it finshed rainign there yet
  8. CASTROL ALL WHEEL CLEANER!!!!! You can find it at Wal-mart, autozone... It is amazing!!! I use it on all my YZ's, Yes I have 06's so they have aluminum frames. Its in like a purple bottle. Keep it away from ur rims becuase it will take the clear coat off.
  9. r1der, beacuse it will take the clear coat finsh off your rim and will mak ethem dull looking
  10. www.stuntlife.com
  11. Hey man congrats on the YZ!!! Anyway on Mine, One way to keep your aluminum frame EXTREA clean, use i thinks its called, Castrol All wheel cleaner. Its in a purple bottle. I have 3 Yz's and all the frames look brand new. Make sure you keep it away from your rims. later
  12. wut a loser u never hear us mxers having gps oh yeh thats because we arent girl who ride trails
  13. my parents wont buy me any boot cuz they say my feet r still gowing so right now i just ride bare foot wit specially moddifyed feet rests
  14. jos remeber rev it up real hard so it like pops dat is a good sound call over rev once ur in the zone dump the clutch u will get the hole shot ever time my friend your welcome