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  1. Bringing it in for yourself is not a problem... Bringing it in to sell and not declaring it is the kind of problem that is also referred to in legal terms as smuggling... And "your friend" who is bringing it and "the someone else" who is getting it could find themselves in the kind of trouble where you get only one phone call....
  2. DeeJay

    What do you think...

    I think his endurance is fine.... his success has been based on consistency. He looked torqued after NO because he clearly decided not to try to run with JS because of the points race.. The guy is a professional racer and I'm sure his instincts told him to go after JS but he needs the points and a second kept him ahead on points so he sucked it up... Must have been a tough call with family in town from overseas. Trying to catch the fastest guy around could have meant pushing too hard, a crash, and a 9th place finish erasing the last two wins...
  3. DeeJay

    Logan Lake Area

    Thanks Wet Dog, I appreciate the reply. I'll be sure to get a trail map at the Petro Can... glad I posted just for that info alone. We have a cabin at Tunkwa Lake Resort but no problem trucking to a staging area if it is too far to push. We will definitely not be doing any goofy riding that will make things difficult for other dirt bikers in the area. We want to ride and see some new country, not become part of the problem. Thanks also for tip regarding Duffy, I assume the route will be marked on the trail map and we will definitely check it out. Good to hear the trails are kid friendly, I would like to come back with my little guy who is earning his wings on his XR50.... Ride on brother.... DeeJay
  4. DeeJay

    Logan Lake Area

    Bit of a short notice post... Going up to Tunkwa Lake on Friday for a five day fishing/boys weekend. We are taking the bikes and looking to do some riding while we are there. I have never ridden in the area. My questions are: 1) Are there any good trailheads and "must see" locales that we should go to in the area? Any advice on the best places to go would be appreciated. 2) Any areas to avoid? We don't want to p*** off the locals and ranchers or ride in any areas that are off limits or controversial to the greenie types. We'll be riding smokers (KDX and YZ). Any feedback or trail maps from those who have ridden there would be appreciated. Its a once a year event and we would like to make the most of it. Regards, DeeJay
  5. Not sure how that is funny Ha Ha as quoted in your title. S**t for brains runs a red light and almost kills someone. Its not like he ran a late yellow, that sucker was red the whole time. He needs a heck of a lot more han a ticket for almost killing a police officer. Brutal video for anyone who rides a motorcycle on the street and tenfold for those who work to keep us safe.........
  6. DeeJay

    San Diego 2008 Predictions, Discussion and Results *SPOILERS*

    I hope your right that everyone is stepping it up...I like watching CR's smooth riding style but I would rather see a more run and gun series amongst a greater number of top riders. RC winning all the time wasn't great for racing, JS winning all the time wasn't great for racing, and CR winning all the time won't be great for racing. A good old fashioned dog fight at Vegas would make for a great year... The 06 final when it was up for grabs was fun for the fans and I would hope that something like that develops for this year...
  7. I can't comment on the opinions and literature provided in this thread... I can, however, comment on my motorcycle. From stock I've riding with 32:1 as per my manual (03 YZ250) for about 30 hours riding and am happy with my bikes performance. I haven't yet fouled the plug.....
  8. DeeJay

    Jimmy Lewis Rigged Again

    I like DR.. therefore I subscribe. And kudos to JL for comin' on here, asking for feedback, and considering the responses from those who ride. Thats all the more reason for me to renew.. he is obviously trying to stay in touch with his client base and looking for ways to improve the product. Keep it up Jimmy, I have no suggestions that haven't already been mentioned. I'll be continuing to check the mailbox for the next one for a long time to come...
  9. I ask my wife out of respect and she rarely says no, she knows how much I enjoy it... I don't ask her because I'm whipped, I ask her because we have two kids who have busy sports schedules and if I'm gone all day on a saturday she is looking after things while I go have fun. She almost always says yes so if she has things to do and would rather I take the young'uns I'll give in. I'm working on a solution though, I bought my oldest a 50 this year and in a few more years the boys and I will all be going riding and she can have all the free time on weekends that she wants.....
  10. I read the thread but didn't watch the link. I just can't get myself interested in watching someone die... Maybe I'm out of touch with what is cool these these days. Get help.
  11. DeeJay

    Young Fella Riding Now

    That picture was taken just outside of Vernon in Lavington back in August (Noble Canyon I think...). We bought the motorcycle from my neice (whose gear junior was wearing in those pics)... He rode tonight on Sumas Mountain with his own brand new equipment and thinks he is Travis Pastrana now..... Never seen him smile as big as when he realized he could ride that motorcycle all by himself... Powerful day in the life of my little guy.....
  12. I have never posted in this pictures and video before so I hope this works. Bought Junior an XR50 and he has been on two rides. What a joy as a parent, he loves it and is so proud of himself. I think I have more fun watching him ride than saddling up on my own bike.... Feeling like a good dad right now....
  13. Me too.... Great pic... Your shot replaced the picture of Luongo holding his stick up saluting the boys in game 7 of round one that I'd held on to since spring.... Cheers
  14. DeeJay

    BC Riders

    Abbotsford.. Trails Mostly Vedder and Mcnutt since they are close.... Looking forward to hitting Nickelmine and Chipmunk this year as well, and hoping the plan for boy's trip for a weekend roadie to Bear Creek turns into more than just talk....
  15. Check the tire and figure out which model you have... Then check the Michelin website, they have a chart which will tell you what kind of terrain your tires are rated for.... I have M12's (Intermediate) and they work great for the tarrain I ride. five good rides so far and they still hook up great and are wearing pretty well.