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  1. unitizationofi

    best investment??

    thanks guys... how do you open the air box???... my brother is all into the technical stuff for bikes, im sure he could tell me if he still lived here.. i just love to forget thinking and ride.
  2. unitizationofi

    best investment??

    im 17 and going to school with a crf250x no time for a part time job... but in a couple weeks i get my tax deductions back.. about $230.. about 80$ of that is goin to buy fluids, chain wax, etc..... i have a stock bike, whats the best investment i can make to get the most power? i was thinking the emissions control/throttle stop((cuz thats a pain in the ass when it bogs or stalls on you in air when you need the power)), but i really have no idea where to start. once summer comes back around, im getting a full time job and putting every last dime into my bike.. what should i start with then, when i have more money??.. i was thinking the pro circuit ti4 full pipe system and new valves... but any suggestions would be highly appreciated. thanks!