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  1. 450 Rookie

    Trouble starting

    That is what I have been trying... and it works most of the time but then sometime it just will not start. My hot start is disconnected but I have the same problems hot or cold.
  2. 450 Rookie

    Trouble starting

    I recently bought a 2002 CRF450 that would barley run. Be for then I have a cr125r that have been my only dirt bike experience. I can do about anything to a two stroke but decided to step up two a 4 stroke. I took it to a friend, that use to race one, who helped me take it apart, check everything, and shim the valves. after the whole thing if still would not start. After another tare down and double checking it started first kick. It now runs great but about evey 4th or 5th time it just will not start. I would appreciate any advice.