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  1. 1fordman

    94 cr250r graphics?????????

    graphicmx.com has some for a 94 just bought the red skull with yellow and black for 98 all black plastic should look pretty sick (waiting on the plastic still) had grahics within 3 days of ordering:thumbsup:
  2. 1fordman

    Seized Crank

    Just did my first top and bottom runs great:applause: definitly a good manual!!!!!!!!! as for spliting the cases i just used a rubber mallet,screw driver ,and lost of patients as not to tweak anything and go slow to get it off evenly. As far as parts (im no expert at all (1 motor)) my guess would be a rod bearing or crank bearing. New crank bearings $40 each(2)new rod kit $80($50 pressed) hope that helps:thumbsup: (please corect me if i am wrong as i want to learn)
  3. 1fordman

    I might need to ask a favor...

    I would help a brother out as well if needed pm me..
  4. 1fordman

    98 CR250 Needs New Look

    Just did black plastic with these graphicshttp://graphicmx.com/shroud/honda/crskullslide.html on my brothers 98 cr250 should look pretty sick have not got them done yet or i would show pics (waiting on plastic from rocky mountain)graphics look sweat though
  5. 1fordman

    Anyone have a trail tech vector for an 06' 450X?

    Strident would probally last the longest( i seen it on TV) THe kit should come with a couple differenet size little black caps you just cap over the whole As for the original post I have the Vapor set my temps at 200F for the warning And 220F for the Shut off engine warning Hope that helps
  6. 1fordman

    Vapor Trailtech Mounting options.

    I bought the flatland racing odo spacer which replaces the whole odo mechanism looks clean the vapor kit does com ewith the black cover if you want to go that route
  7. 1fordman

    Boise area riders!!!

    I rode Paridise last Sat. no snow, we have got a little this weak,so might be iffy but not a whole lot i am sure.I am still planing a Sun. ride at paridise should be fun:thinking:
  8. 1fordman

    who is right about this????? Re: 07 CR250

    one tooth in the rear is hardly noticable. My brother runs a 13/51 for woods and some dez (98 cr250) hope that helps
  9. 1fordman

    '01 CR250 Died, now kickstart won't move

    My Brothers bike recently did the same thing,running great then in the blink of an eye and $600 bill all was fix granaded the piston skirt, so knew top end split the bottom as a precaution found lots of metal and broken case which got welded all good times.FYI this was our first attemt to get that deep into a 2 stroke ,a good manual,lots of patience and a few $$$ good luck hope its not that bad, but if you have any ??'s dont be shy lot of knowledgable guys here
  10. 1fordman

    Vapor Trailtech Mounting options.

    I to did the billet protector and kept the bar pad (which is now custom made thanx to a utility knife) works great looks good no complaints
  11. 1fordman

    TrailTech Vapor

    I put mine on did both measerments both where close the best way to fin out if its spot on is find some mile markers to check it have fun i love my vapor
  12. 1fordman

    98 cr250 plastic ??

    just wondering what the options are as far as color i heard you can get red (not flouresent)plastic:confused: so can anyone tell me if and where to get honda red plastic thanx in advance
  13. 1fordman

    Needs for 1997 CR250

    take it to a reputable shop they can look at it for free tell you if it needs bored (if its original nikasil sleeve you can not bore it) if its a steel sleeve(not factory) they can bore it and if you get lucky they can just hone it but most shop will look at it and tell you what it needs at no cost good luck
  14. 1fordman

    Needs for 1997 CR250

    just did my brothers 98 250 new sleeve $90 to have a machine shop press the nikasil sleeve press new sleeve grind and all that $120 hope that helps