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  1. rallyfan

    Back to the "other" darkside...

    Thanks for the reply Monk. I've never tried a pair, but at an additional 6lbs? up front and a hefty price tag ta boot dunno if I ever will.
  2. rallyfan

    Back to the "other" darkside...

    Sum Beach!!!! Just finished all 51 pages. I'm a geezer with old eyes so it's taken me a while. What a fantastic thread!!! Monk, your comparrisons with the 300XC are spot on. I ponied up last year and bought a new one and find myself asking..............Is this bike really that much $$$$$$$ better then my YZ250's??? ( 2000, 2003,2007) The answer is no. Sure the 6speed box and magic button are neat but I don't think there is that $$ much difference between them. My question for you is did you get rid of the flexbars/handgaurds yet????
  3. rallyfan

    2001 YZ250N restoration

    Neat Build Skip!!! You mentioned above that your old cluch as in spec'. Last time out on my 07 YZ250 ( I also have a y2k and an 03 ) a squeek/skwauk sound emitted from my engine. Pull the clutch in and the noise went away. Drop the clutch in nuetral and the bike would move forward a tiny bit. Pulled the clutch and everything measured out Frictions/drives/springs T/0 bearing was as smooth as you like. Installed new cluch pack and noise is gone and everything is back to normal. I quess my point is sometimes things measure out and are still hammered. If you wanna play YZ out at Hollister during the week ( To avoid injury, death from teen going the wrong way on trail ) hit me up. I'm in Santa Cruz.
  4. rallyfan

    Float Hieght And Jetting Spec For 00-01 Rm125??

    Right on Dirty'!!! That'd be Mick Doohan. 4 time world champ and before that sissy traction control.
  5. rallyfan

    Float Hieght And Jetting Spec For 00-01 Rm125??

    Dirtynidge you ROCK!!!!! Please give my regards to Mick, the hardest bastard to ever swing a leg over a motorbike!!!
  6. I'm not exactly sure if its an 00 or 01 but could you please inform me of the float hieght spec and stock jetting. Thankyou in advance!!!
  7. I've searched. I remember reading one thread where it listed what years you can run however, I can't seem to find it again. I don't want to buy new powervalve assemblies so I need for it be a staright swap. I'm aware that the 03 has the "best porting" Also how long do you guys let the easyoff stay on the bore ? Thanky
  8. Thanx Old timer. To this day it was one of the worse crashes I have ever seen. He tumbled head over heels like a rag doll down that hill and then proceeded to run to his bike. I've yet to see anything like it since.
  9. I forget the exact year. 81, or 82 Danny lapped me with his bars looking like that. I actualy saw that crash from across the track. It was on a downhill section at HangTown. I ran into Danny about 20 years later in Sacramento and he remembered the crash and the year like it was yesterday.
  10. Ended up going from a 118 main to a 122. I shimmed the needle with 2 wee washers and went to 2.5 turns on the mixture screw. I wasn't happy with this so I pulled the 2 shims out and went with 2 turns on the mixture screw..............Sorted!!
  11. Copy that. Thankyou for the input. At this point I'm not even sure what the main jet size is. I'll find out soon enough.
  12. I'll be installing a Powerbomb exaust with Q4 muffler. SL to 3000 ft. I'll be removing smog stuff and removing the top of airbox and backfire screen. UNI aircleaner going in. I do not have a jet kit so I'll bump the main up one size. lift the needle a wee bit with a wee washer and go to 1.5 on the mixture. What say you??
  13. rallyfan

    Biggest Snatch Ever!!!!

    Ok, for those that wanted pics. Here's one. Bored the one on the left 50 0ver:banana: Biggest snatch in MOTO GP This one brings a tear to my eye.
  14. rallyfan

    Biggest Snatch Ever!!!!

    uely Duely noted mickydee:thumbsup: Does anyone have the service wear limits on the clutch pack, assembled or the limits of the frictions and drives?? Spring limit would also be nice. Thankyou!!
  15. rallyfan

    Biggest Snatch Ever!!!!

    Umm yes. I roadraced for close to 2 decades. this includes bikes with straight and under cut gears. wet/dry hydraulic/cable actuated clutches.