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  1. anyone know if I could get a plate for my 2007 300 xc? in ca?
  2. California

    hid from the ranger at Kirkwood inn had the French dip it was awesome, need a plate
  3. California

    good ole h/c good job pizza!!! are you plated?? my 07 300xc need one
  4. California

    Went with some guys that tried h/c to allen camp down to silver, rode 88 back no plate chased by rangers not to fun........
  5. California

    great news!!!!! I would like to come down h/c this time around
  6. California

    dont give up on ef till youve been on 31 and off the map.....love that place i try to avoid 25 26 unless super wet.... great r r tho thanks for sharing your experience and pics good job on loop 6
  7. California

    good job nice photos good ole hc
  8. California

    ouch!!!! even 2t
  9. California

    good ride report !!!!!
  10. California

    harder than hc..... thats got to be some good stuff.....
  11. California

    man!!!!!! im heading up tomarrow.....breakfast at mels.... cold spot,..... 31 twice ...then explore......have fun fellas
  12. California

    Im heading up friday... ive been on every trail out there on the map.... any way one of you locals.. could pm me in the direction of the swiming hole....or ?????........... off the map riding....... i do have a map of the E N F.....
  13. California

    trail 5 and 6 the loops at china wall,,,,,,,,,,,,, anyone have a ride report?
  14. I heard that the lifted the closure and closed 42 trails of the good stuff... was thinking of riding the pipi area this week has anyone beeen up ??? wondering whats passsible and whats not >>>>
  15. California

    which trails are you riding in your video???? ive only been to gt once