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  1. Praying for ya Justin, hopefully it's not too bad. No sleep for me anymore either.
  2. Endurocross

    Guy Cooper won The Vet race, Myself Nick Burson won the amateur main with Matt Henderson taking 2nd, the Matt Henderson won the dash for cash with Matt Crouch taking 2nd and myself taking 3rd
  3. Where is this at? Looking for some new trails to ride. Thanks
  4. If you don't mind me asking, where did you get this plastic?? Thanks a lot.
  5. If you replace this part number 43020-1123 it helps a lot. It is the master cylinder rebuild kit. The little o-rings inside get worn out and get blow by which makes your brakes feel mushy. I change mine often because i can't stand when i can pull the front brake in and its mushy.
  6. Who makes the black front fender? I was lookin around and acerbis looked like they didn't make one. Thanks
  7. Endurocross

    I don't know why everyone took my post the wrong way. I had fun i qualified for the night show and did pretty good in my qualifiers and had some stupid mistakes. This was my first enduroX. It was fun i was just saying that the trials bikes ripped around this stuff. David Knight almost got beat by one too!! He is the man at this stuff no doubt. I am going to go home and practice and come back to vegas ready to battle.
  8. Endurocross

    Thanks man. I got luck i had a pretty well really easy qualifier. Matt was probably riding the best out of Murdock, and me and him. He just had some really bad luck. Hopefully he does good this weekend.
  9. Endurocross

    I was there and raced the Endurocross #41. I made it to the night show and had some issues in my qualifiers. It was really fun but i would like to see those trials guys try it on a regular bike. I think the trials bike should have there own class or not be in ours. They are definately faster then us in that stuff!!! All in all it was fun and i cant wait for vegas.
  10. BRP chaing guides work really well. Last over a year!!
  11. Just looking to do some riding this week. Anyone riding teusday, wensday? Or this afternoon?
  12. Anyone riding tomorow?? Want to go for a ride anytime tomorow, let me know ifanyone wants to tag along...
  13. How long can you ride there before the cops show up....
  14. I live off of 215 and jones. Where is the nearest place to just do a little bit of riding? Havent found anything really... Trying to find somewhere to go in the morning if anyone wants to hook up and go for a ride.
  15. I have an 06 kxf 450 that i am selling for $4000. If you want pictures email me, Bike runs great just got my 2007 already and need to get rid of it.