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    Stage 1 Hot Cam or Stock?

    I have a 06' CRF250X. I have done all the CC Mods except Cam upgrade and the Header. I do have a White Bros. slip-on. The bike has always ran great but I'm now rebuilding the top end because of the valve issues. The valves need replaced and I'm replacing them with Kibblewhites. My local shop says the Kibblewhites should last much longer then stock. My question is will a Hot Cam install wear the Kibblewhite valves any faster or have any other adverse effects on my motor. I have always liked the performance of the bike but would like a little more low and mid range that the Hot Cam is supposed to offer. After the rebuild I plan to keep the bike for a few years and want it to last. I ride mostly trials and woods with the occational lap around a track.

    Air Filter break down

    Thanks for all the help

    Air Filter break down

    I rinse the filters under the faucet for a long time. I cant imagine there being any residual cleaner. I think the ozone idea is a long shot... but stranger things have happened. I have now changed to just UNI filters. I threw the stock filters out. I am going to try just using UNI filter oil and see if it helps. Maybe the Notoil is to harsh. Thanks

    Air Filter break down

    I have been using notoil cleaner and filter oil on both my crf250x and drz400s air filters. After a few months of using this product the filters seem to deteriorate. The seams come apart and the foam starts to crumble. I have used stock filters and UNI filters and the same goes for both. Should I be trying a different product? I use the product per the instructions. Should I be doing something different? I know they don’t last forever but, no need to be buying new ones if I don’t have to. Thanks

    need new tires

    I need some new tires for my 01 drz400s. I want them to be dot legal. I need them for a ride that I will be taking 60% dirt and 40% street. anybody.....any suggestions