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  1. Saddletramp

    What's my DRZ worth?

    It's a 2009 with 9,000 miles. Everything works perfectly & it's had all the right mods. I also have all the original parts & a gel seat. Thanks in advance!
  2. Saddletramp

    Why would I ride this evening?

    I just bought the bike a few months back & it was highly farkled by the previous owner. This happens to be my second DRZ400s. I foolishly traded my 2005 model for a used BMW R1150GS. I liked the Beemer but never felt it belonged on gravel mountain trails unlike the DRZ. When I picked up my 2009 model it has the Suzuki gel seat on it. That seat was like sitting on a 4X4 board. Since I got all the original take off parts with the bike I threw the stock seat back on & feel it was quite comfortable. I installed a Corbin seat on my 2005 model so that may be my future plans for my 2009.
  3. Saddletramp

    Why would I ride this evening?

    I've ridden tons at night in my 40+ years of riding that wasn't the point! The point was I chose my smallest & cheapest form of transportation over the much more comfortable choices. It was a great ride. The DRZ is a blast!
  4. Saddletramp

    Why would I ride this evening?

    I have to ride 50 miles south here in about an hour to watch my daughter in an outdoor horse event. Why in the world am I thinking about taking the DRZ when I have several cars (including wife's Mercedes) & a nice air-conditioned F350 I could take? Not to mention my Concours 14 sitting in the garage. You see, it's presently 98 degrees outside & I'll have to ride the 50 miles home in the dark! How's the DRZ on the Hwy at night? Yup, I'm taking the DRZ...decision made. I'm always up for an adventure and a little crazy! I'll let you know how it goes. Damned these thumpers are addictive!
  5. Saddletramp

    Are we freaks?

    Hey Man, We were hearing cows & they were expressing thier opinions of the whole ordeal. Afterall, they were just days away from the "Golden Arches".
  6. Saddletramp

    Are we freaks?

    My ride today with a crappy iPhone pix. The sign in the background says " Pavement ends". We all like that sign!
  7. Inquiring minds are dying to know?
  8. Saddletramp

    Are we freaks?

    I spent most of the weekend on my Kawi C-14. Most bikes did the "wave" thing except a few Harley guys but that's to be expected. I jump on the DRZ this afternoon for a little dirt road riding & guess what...no waves. Other riders act as if we dual-sport riders are invisible. It reminds me of a time when I had My KTM 640. I had been up on the Canadian border helping herd cows on the family ranch. Yes, I & the bike were filthy...including lots of fresh cow manure. I had about 120 miles to ride home late Saturday afternoon but took a small break at a McDonalds in Omak, WA. As I was parking the bike a bunch of guys pulled up on BMW GS models. The bikes were all shinny & clean. I walked over to start up a conversation & they snubbed me like I was from Mars. I guess in their opinion I took the dual-sport thing a bit too far. Okay, perhaps it just me!
  9. Saddletramp

    Knobbies on the front

    As I've stated before this is my second DRZ400s. My first one was pretty much stock & had Bridgestone Trailwings on the rims. I liked them on the street but still have vivid memories of sliding around in the dirt trying to keep the bike upright when I briefly forgot I didn't have dirt tires on. My new aquired DRZ has brand new Kenda 270's front & rear. They are much smoother on the pavement than anticipated but...I hate them in low speed turns on city streets. It feels like the front tire is resisting the turn. Is this a normal characteristic of this tire? & knobbies in general?
  10. Saddletramp

    DR-Z400S or DR650SE??

    I'm 55 years old, weigh around 230 & stand 6' tall. I too rode Honda dirt bikes in the 60's & 70's. My 1973 Honda MT250 is still my favorite bike. I choose the DRZ (twice) because I like the thoughts of liquid cooled engine & the dirt like suspension. It's got plenty of power for the light trail riding I plan on doing. I can't afford to crash & burn like I did in my youth! That being said, the guy I bought my DRZ from had a new DR650 in his garage because he felt it would be a better commuter than the DRZ. Either bike is a winner...but I love the DRZ.
  11. Saddletramp

    My wife's first & last DRZ ride

    Nope...she says she has no interest in learning to ride which is fine by me. My Ex-wife learned to ride, ran off a few years later with the Pres of our bike club, & took two of my favorite bikes in the divorce, plus hundreds of thousands of dollars! I'm not repeating that mistake! I just remembered something. I never got a chance to thank the guy she ran off with. In retrospect, it was a huge blessing!
  12. Saddletramp

    My wife's first & last DRZ ride

    My wife loves riding with me on motorcycles. We've only been married a little under two years & she knew when we met that motorcycles were a huge part of my life. Since she was a good sport when I brought my new used 2009 DRZ home on my Birthday last week I felt she deserved a ride. First off, we are not small people. We are both around 6' tall & together weigh around 380. I'm about 230 of that but won't devulge what wife weighs. Anyway, we usually ride a Concours 14 so I warned her this 400cc bike would be a little less spunky. As she mounted the bike behind me she found herself sitting on the luggage rack. She said it was fine & off we went. We rode about three miles from home up a steep canyon road when I ran out of fuel. Now alone, I could have reached for the fuel selector just fine but since I hadn't ridden a DRZ for over three years I felt it best to pull over & switch to reserve. When the engine quit, she asked what happened & I said " Oh we just ran out of gas". She panicked & was rather surprised when the engine started running after I stopped. Yes, I explained what switching to reserve meant at the gas station. Some guys at the gas station were chuckling a bit at the sight of us on that little bitty motorcycle! Her comment was " If they only knew what we had back in the garage" (Concours 14). Since her butt was sore by now we just rode back home. She was amazed at the power the bike had as I gunned it a bit on the way home. I guess now I can go ahead & take the passenger pegs & chain guard back off...cuz that was probably her last ride.
  13. Saddletramp

    oil change interval

    Not to throw a wet blanket on the 1,000 mile interval group but why 1,000 miles? I just don't understand how a liquid-cooled, four cycle engine could need an oil change so often. Oil doesn't wear out it gets contaminated. Am I missing something?
  14. Saddletramp

    Second DRZ400s for me!

    I'm curious as to how many other riders have purchased the same make/model twice? I put 50,000 miles+ on my 97 Honda Valkyrie & still pine for another one of those. I didn't sell mine...I lost it in a damned divorce!
  15. Saddletramp

    Second DRZ400s for me!

    I had a 2005 400s & loved it. Although I owned four other bikes at the time I called it the "bike I rode the most often but put the least miles on". One nice spring day in 2008 while out for a ride in the mountains on the DRZ I stopped at a local dealer & saw a used BWM R1150GS that I just have to have. A short test ride & $6,000 difference & off I went on the BMW leaving my DRZ behind. Even though the 1150GS was a great bike I still missed the DRZ. A constant search of Craiglist all winter/spring finally produced a highly modified & clean 2009 400S. I had a 2000 Beetle that I needed to sell & the ad said a car trade was a possibility so we just traded titles! Win-win! So I'm back in the fold & will post a picture tonight. The black DRZ looks real nifty in my garage next to my black 2009 Concours 14. Perfect combination!