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    I was just reading this forum and it about blew my mind. Three of my friends and I had a very similar experience with this same ranger Ted Woolley. I made sure I got his name because of his extra ordinarily rude behavior so I could do something about it. I could not have been more polite, but It was like he instantly out to get us, and on a power trip the whole way, It was way frustrating. We are from Nevada and it is optional to register here, I found out after the fact, Therefore I wasn't registered. I have no problem with registering but to impound all our bikes and cost us all around $400 dollars each I thought was excessive. I'm still fighting it out with the courts but i think the money issue is a lost cause, but I’m glad you wrote some letters I think I’ll do the same. P.S. It amazes me that so many people have had problems with this one guy, and those are only a few that happened to perused across this forum in the last two days since the first guy started the forum. I'm sure there are hundreds more upset about this guy. We all need to do something about this.