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  1. thanks, will get to it hopefully next week and start taking the bike apart again.... like the idea of it being like a normal bike, haha not sure, i do not recall ---- bike has been sitting so long, and then it's taking so long to get this restore done i don't remember much - instead of only photos along the way i should have had it recorded for reference.
  2. damn, i really need to get back into this and finish the bike... ffs need to order the 2003 exhaust cam for my 2002 and some other items to get that done, totally removing the decompression lever sounds soooo good... below is my list, can anyone confirm or correct it for me before i go ahead and order this up? 1. 5UL-12180-10-00 (2003 Exhaust Cam with Auto Decompression) 2. 90338-18064-00 (Plug) 3. 90430-06014-00 (Gasket) 4. 90109-06418-00 (Bolt)
  3. nice, i'm in as well... nothing like some free goodies!!!
  4. still not the YZ, another video of me on the MTB, using a different action camera, and hopefully a little bit more exciting footage
  5. I know this is not my dirt bike, but it is my mountain bike - took it out after years of neglect, used my dirt bike lid, so getting closer to the YZ haha
  6. Hope I can get into the bike soon and will be ordering my stuff and getting it done - soooooo close
  7. Yeah, not sure what's the deal with that mechanic especially since i even told him about the cap and all... oh well, once i'm ready to jump back into the work i'll get it ordered up and try to get it done!
  8. this is now again on a stand-still, fml anyways, i called a Yamaha dealer to ask about the 03 cam and putting in my 02 and the mechanic said it will not work, WTF??? i totally understand and see you guys switching them out so will be ordering at some point but why the hell would they say that...oh well, maybe there is a reason for them to do that so they are not held liable for some sh!t or other
  9. cool... i will be looking to get the exhaust cam shortly, just need to set time aside again to get back into the bike, while doing that i will also double check all the other work that has been done and also start cleaning up the plastics (stickers, and what was on there already gone).
  10. awesome, thanks!
  11. sorry, i'm no tech... so do i have it set correctly at the "I" mark?
  12. so going 03 OEM is the way to go, vs the HotCams one? And yes, if i go this route for sure will be getting new (don't want to chance it)...
  13. one last for now the tube/line on the carb (over flow) the one at the bottom i guess you could say... while we were trying to start the bike, is would spit out small amounts of gas, maybe because we tried to kick the bike over so many times...? carb has been rebuilt...
  14. so another thing i noticed, which i don't know if it's bad or not... my kickstarter at this time isn't very hard to kick over (with or without the decompression lever, of course much, much easier with the lever pressed in) ---- is this possibly a problem? if no, great... if yes ... would the new exhaust cam (from above post) help with the kickstarter and allow it to behaving better? or is there something else going on?
  15. so i have done some reading/research on the auto decompression cam... and this is what i got so far. you can use a cam from 03 to 09 yz250f and drop in to the 02 bike without any issues or get a hotcam one and also a drop in product, assume stage 1 would be sufficient if i went with the hotcam product. both of these options would provide me with the auto decompression feature and i could then be free to remove the decompression lever/assembly from the bike. also by doing this i would need to get a plug for where the decompression assembly connects to the cam. (plug part #90338-18004-00). is this sound about right so far? any recommendations on which product i should look into getting, oem vs the hotcams, and where to get? (if someone has a link, that would be awesome ) i understand that i can do just the exhaust cam, any draw backs of not doing the intake cam at the same time? anything else i would need to know about this modification before i get into it and try to get it done?