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  1. crazymlh

    XR200 lower cam sprocket

    Old School, I fully understand the design you are talking about, it's like some flywheel pullers except it will be pressing not pulling. Excellent idea and good point as to the position of the weld. I'm almost certain it will work and I am off the my local nut's & bolts guy with my flywheel retaining bolt for him to match up a hardened bolt to. Should I make the larger bolt and nut one with a fine & close thread so there is more torque than distance applied with each turn or any large nut and bolt will do?
  2. crazymlh

    XR200 lower cam sprocket

    I'm going to be doing this with the crank in the engine. I was thinking that I could rig something up that used the old sprocket to help push the new one onto the crank. I just need to make sure that the flywheel retaining bolt will be ok to use to press the new sprocket on, using the method described in Old School's other post. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=355340 I need to make sure that the pressure needed wont strip the threads off the flywheel retaining bolt or cause any damage to the crank threads themselves but it all sounds very possible in theory. I'm just after some reassurance really. Upon inspection of my current sprocket I noticed that the closest tooth isn't lined up very well with the keyway. In fact it looks like it is halfway between the peak of a tooth and the lower valley. The bike seemed to run OK before the cam chain came off. I did feel like it was under powered but I thought that was just me as I ride a YZ250 and the XR200 is my wifes bike. It always started easily and idled and revved up fine with only a slight popping noise as it revved back down but I thought that might have been because i was running it a bit rich. All advice has been great so far keep it coming.
  3. crazymlh

    XR200 lower cam sprocket

    Correction...I found the post. Should I heat the sprocket before pulling it off? Also should I pre heat the replacement sprocket before installation??
  4. crazymlh

    XR200 lower cam sprocket

    Old School, I have searched for the thread you have described but am unable to find it. Any instructions or tips would be greatly appreciated. The other part that broke was the part that the bottom of the cam chain tensioner slides onto that also runs back up to the adjuster bolt on the outside of the engine. The chain must have smashed into it when it came off.
  5. crazymlh

    XR200 lower cam sprocket

    My 96 XR200 cam chain came off and I have just removed the flywheel in preparation to install my new cam chain. The cam chain tension arm that connected to the adjusting bolt had sheared off so I will need to replace that but I also noticed that the lower cam sprocket seems to be worn. The teeth are becoming hooked and I don't feel comfortable running the bike with a new chain and other cam bits knowing the lower cam sprocket might be too worn. I cannot see in my manual how I remove the lower cam sprocket. Is it pressed on or what. Has anybody replaced the lower cam sprocket and can give me some pointers?
  6. crazymlh

    XR200 Cam Journal

    I am having difficulty removing the cam from the cam journal on my 96 XR200. The cam was working fine and it spins freely within the journal but it wont slide off the end. There is a slight movement then it feels like it hits something and wont slide off. I have heated it up and still can work it off the end without fear of damaging something. Is this normal or is there a way to get it off that isn't covered in the manual?