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  1. sxfracer

    Just a few Questions about my 250

    1, regrease wheel bearings everytime the wheel comes off the bike or every 8 hrs,headstock grease every 15hrs. only replace when you have visible play in any bearings. 2, the alloy wheel spacers do wear, but not that quickly. I usually replace them when doing the wheel bearings for the first time with stainless ones, they won't need doing again then. allballs racing do a nice bearing and spacer kit for reasonable money. 3, chain and sprockets last a varying amount of hours depending on where and how you ride. in muddy conditions they don't last half as long. I've got to do mine now after only 15 hrs !!!! 4, personal preference, but a 50 rear and 13 front works for me 5, keep an eye valve clearances adjust as necessary, piston and rings should do 50 hrs + unless your a pro, replace when you feel a drop in power.
  2. i'll be visiting new york for a few days next month from the uk on business, while i'm there i thought i'd pick up a few bits of kit and bling as you guys have so much more choice. so where's the best place to go ? I was quite impressed with chapperal in san bernadino when i went there a couple of years ago, is that a chain store or just a one off ? any advice of where to go or not to go much appreciated.
  3. sxfracer

    Ktm 250sxf 06 Starting problem

    how hard are you kicking ? my 06 was very sensitive to kicking to fast, if i pushed the kicker down slow and smooth it would fire right up. apparently it's something to do with the autodecompressor closing at 800 rpm. just a thought
  4. sxfracer

    I got a new bike!!!

    as far as break in goes, i just took it steady (ish) for the first hour, changed the oil,filter and cleaned the screens. then rode at a fast trail pace for the next hour. let it cool down then let rip on the mx track for the rest of the day ( about 2.5hrs track time) I would say it is now well broken in and ready for it's first race on sunday. as far as jetting jetting goes, if possible get it set up on a dyno. your jetting will be perfect and you don't have to mess about changing jets,doing a lap and so on. if the dealer is doing the suspension set up for free, get it done. if their charging you do it your self. sag is most important, then it's just personal preference on the clickers, kitted up you won't be far off the right weight for the standard suspension settings. good luck and enjoy
  5. sxfracer

    black rims or silver

    black rims look the best but silver are most practicle. because of this one of my team members has had his powder coated black,then had the flat edge polished back to silver. looks awesome and should last well when tyre changing etc.
  6. i've had rekluses in the past and loved them, but only in 300 smokers. i've just been offered one for my 250 xcf cheap and was just wondering if it will have enough power to warrent fitting the rekluse any experience greatly appreciated
  7. after a year away from the austrian giant I have finally seen the light and sold my wr250f. To make way for a leftover 08 xc250f. All i can say is wow ! I picked it up this morning and took it straight to the woods and what a difference to he yamaha, it's light and responsive and just so easy to throw about. Just can't wait for the endurocross next weekend to really see how she performs and if my results improve.
  8. sxfracer

    426 clutch in 450.

    426 plates are the same as 450 plates if that helps
  9. sxfracer

    Shorten my kickstarter?

    sounds like a lack of compression, if your sure the valves are ok check out the rings
  10. I cooked the second clutch on my 08 wr last weekend and i'm still having problems. The 1st one went after about 35hrs but that was my own fault as when i installed the magura kit there wasn't enough freeplay. I then replaced the friction plates with oem parts, readjusted the the magura with plenty of freeplay and all seemed well. until ; last race was quite boggy and wet and then on the last lap the clutch gave up completley.i hadn't noticed it slipping but that could have just been the conditions. Anyway i tore it apart tonight and was quite shocked at what i found.the outer 3 frictions had broken up and everything was black.Luckily the hub and pressure plate looked ok. I also noticed that when i dropped the oil i had lost about 200 ml and that the counter shaft seal was leaking so i guess this is why it went. I've now fitted an EBC dirtracer complete kit with HD springs,all went in ok but i'm no convinced it's not slipping. If i park against a wall and try and pull away in any gear all seems ok and the motor will stall, but if I go up the road and crack the throttle in 2nd or 3rd it feels like its slipping slightly. Any ideas on the problem or the fix ? I had thought about adding an extra steel plate to tighten the pack up a bit. hat do you all think ? The other thing is on the packet of the EBC it listed the wr to 2007 not 08, was there a difference, i thought not. Thanks in advance
  11. sxfracer

    New rear tire

    in the uk the michelins we get have the size stamped in the sidewall ie 140/80/18 but over that there will be a sticker saying 120/80/18. not sure what thats all about? you'd think they'd just stamp the right size on the tyre ! I run a m12 rear 120/90/18 (really a 100 ) with good results and lasts well too
  12. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Yamaha-YZF-WR-250-450-03-05-monster-energy-Graphics_W0QQitemZ380045553078QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item380045553078&_trksid=p3286.m14.l1318 not sure if this link will work, if not take the ebay item number and put into ebay.co.uk. I think this is what your looking for.
  13. sxfracer

    07 wr250f battery starting issues

    it can also be caused by a faulty starter solenoid which is under the seat. if you just bridge the 2 terminals and it starts its the solenoid if not it's most likely to be the battery.
  14. sxfracer

    Cleaning White Plastic.

    traffic film remover works a treat, be sure to use the non caustic stuff though else your aluminium will go furry !
  15. sxfracer

    Alpina Wheels

    I've just taken delivery of a set with blue hubs,blue/silver rims and black spokes. They look the absolute b*****ks !! as new with new tyres and sprocket all for £215.00 ! wow another ebay bargain !! I'll post a picture when fited to the bike