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  1. bigwavedave1

    Dr.Mark: Rod removal in Femur 7 years after surgery

    hi there. I recently had the rod taken out of my right leg after a mid-femur break. it had been in for 5 years. there are risks with taking it out, but I beleive they were secondary to the risks for me of keeping it in. it is a painful event, but you have very little muscle loss as with the initial break and I was back to "normal" within about 6-8 weeks. as a bonus, I had been having problems with my sciatic nerve due to bone growth around the top of my femur which went away with the surgery. the chipping out is due to the bone growing around the hole they drilled in the top of the femur to insert the rod. also, the heads of the screws would be grown over with bone. feel free to email me with any other questions. dave ps. I had two orthopedic surgeons discussing whether or not to have the operation and both had differing opinions and reasons to back them up.
  2. bigwavedave1

    GASGAS 280 versus TXT 300

    And why no riding until Colorado? I know a lot of guys up in B.C. Canada that ride all year near Vancouver and North near Whistler. And another group on Vancouver Island with their own private land. Some truely fabulous rock formations up there to ride!! (drool) hey there. just got into the trials bike action myself and live on vancouver island. it has been awesome riding all year round and the trials riding here is amazing. yeeehaaaaaa!!!
  3. bigwavedave1

    DRZ 400E Radiator Replacement

    hi there. the nozzles on the E are smaller than those on the S model. dave
  4. bigwavedave1

    140/80/18 michelin s-12?

    hey there. the 140 tire from michelin is the same as any other companies 120. it will fit. I use it on my cr500 and my XR650R and love it for everything. the m5b is also awesome. my other favourite tire. dave
  5. bigwavedave1

    What did you do to your pig today?

    snapped off both of the chain ajusting bolts. then chewed up the brake side hole trying to get the bolt out and snapped an easy out off in the other side. yeah!
  6. bigwavedave1

    IMS vs. Clarke vs. Acerbis '01 XR650R

    hi there. I have an '01 as well and bought an IMS 4.6 gal tank in red. It looks awesome, fits perfect and has lasted a year of riding with no issues. For the record I also have on oversize IMS for my '01 CR500 and have had it for over two years with no issues. They both fit perfectly out of the box. Just my two cents. Dave Huxley
  7. bigwavedave1

    XR650R Precision Concept Fork Guards

    yes, at www.precisionconceptsracing.com
  8. bigwavedave1

    Tall riders

    Guts racing makes one of the taller seats out there. Fastway F3 pegs in the lowboy position. Taller bars or a riser. all of these will help.
  9. bigwavedave1

    large fuel tank questions

    Hi there. I have never tried a Clarke, but have had excellent luck with a 4.6 gal IMS on my '01 XR650R. Fit perfect and no problems. Bought it off Supermotojunkie for $130.
  10. bigwavedave1

    BC Riders

    I live in Golden, BC. I ride mostly single track trees with some sand and pit riding and logging roads thrown in for good measure. Ride it all on my '01 CR500R. Just bought an '01 XR650R with street legal kit and converted it to supermoto. Just getting started on that. Rode Moab the last two years. amazing stuff!! Oh yeah. Gotta love the hillclimbs as well.
  11. bigwavedave1

    BC and FS road fines

    I live in Golden, BC and have been riding around here and the Kootenays my whole life on gravel roads. I have never had a problem. No, your dirt bike does not need to be registered in BC to ride off road like it does in Alberta. Oh yeah, a few years ago, there was a back road ban due to extremely high forest fire danger and they were stopping ALL vehicles.