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  1. Hahha. Yea I live about 5 minutes from the track. It's a pretty good track! Thanks guys!
  2. http://www.esnips.com/doc/382ae808-f63a-4a59-af8e-8c4359653426/Shane,-Lindsay,-Justin,-and-Kamin-riding-at-Breaux-Bridge
  3. KTMraca05

    My new (to me) CRF50

    SWEET BIKE!! Sounds like you got a killer deal too!
  4. KTMraca05

    Big pegs

    IMO Fastways are BY FAR the best pegs available... Way wider than any other footpeg I've seen. They also offer lots of adjust-ability, which is something no other footpeg to my knowledge has...
  5. Hahah, you're the first person that actually like the effect at the beginning... Most people told me they hated it. And I'm Chase Nielsen BTW. Thanks guys!
  6. http://www.esnips.com/doc/a2d25d08-f0fe-48cc-89de-d083666e8efc/07 Comments please
  7. Big bike pics from last weekend Arm looks goon-ish in this one lol
  8. The Xtreme's I've seen we're junk... I really don't know how the Pitsters hold up, but they look sweet and the guys at Pitster/SGR won't let ya down! Thanks guys!
  9. Or maybe I'm just like most people, and can accomplish anything with a little hard work
  10. http://www.esnips.com/doc/fd993007-a7d2-414f-b59d-d6040a752838/Cody-Elkins-Backflip
  11. It's a BBR SuperPro frame kit with +5 swinger, and Elka shock. Stratos SR-6 forks with a Gustav M hydro brake. I'm waiting to get a new rear wheel and a BBR rear disk kit, but I'm pretty much broke after dropping 3 grand on suspension hah. Thanks guys!