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    Is WR250 for me?

    Thanks, guys. In future I could see myself ending up with both a 250 & a 450. Started looking for a dirt bike about a month ago and although I've always been a honda fan but the yamaha is looking to be the best bet for a dirt bike right now. Still have that 350X and planning on taking it out to ride as well but want a good dirt-bike as well. Sounds like the wr250 will be a good bike for me especially after making the free mods...now to start looking for the best price
  2. mtrcycleaddict

    Is WR250 for me?

    When I was riding dirt back in high school I had a 350X 3-wheeler and remember being happy with the power. Since then I've been riding 1000cc v-twins on the road (VTR1000, DL1000, RSV1000). Now I'm looking to get back into some dirt riding and am wondering whether the WR250 would have enough power. I'm not talking about having a lot of high end power. I enjoy more having the low end torque to twist the throttle and bring up the front wheel if I want it... My plan isn't to do any sort of racing but just to hit the trails and have some fun. I took a TTR250 for a short ride last weekend and am left wondering whether there was enough power there to keep me happy...granted it was a completely stock TTR and I'm sure there are some mods that could be made to wake it up... Anyway, would the WR be for me?? Maybe with some mods? I've seen people talking about the 'Athena kit' for more low end power and am not opposed to buying a bike and then modifying immediately... Or should I consider the 450? Any opinions would be welcome. Thanks!