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    2004 rmz 250 valve question

    I figured out the 600.00 was a crazy price , but i just wanted to make sure he was not going to mess up the bike, he takes it pretty easy on the bike its new and he just came off a ttr 125 to this one, so its real power now. i was going to go back to the shop and make them ajust the valves, but as you said i think i will go somewhere else, or do it myself.
  2. gothookedagain

    2004 rmz 250 valve question

    My son has a 2004 rmz 250, he just got it broke-in and took it in for first service. i was told that along with oil change the valves where going to be ajusted. when i went to pick-up the bike, they said valves were not ajusted and don't need to be ajusted until 8.5 hours. well i looked stupified and said why the f***k not? and how the hell do you know how many hours i have on the bike? he just sort of mumbled i don't know and smiled. then i said how much to ajust the valves? ok this is good, he said it was an 8 hour job at $600.00 bucks. i was shocked and told him no f***king way my son will ride it til the valve train breaks down and buy new valve train, head etc. before i spent that. the reason i am really concered about the valves is i was told on 04 rmz 250 had a really bad problem with the valves going out of wack and could do some damage about a $1000.00 worth. is this true? and how difficult is it to do yourself? by the way the bike has 10 hours on it, is it time for a valve ajustment? and should this have been done at first service? also i got another quote for ajusting the valves, and they want $130.00 i can handle that. thanks for any in-put kevin