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  1. New development: All the buttons are working fine now, it just won't shut off. Every minute when not in use it shuts down then starts right back up again. Will do this unless I unplug it from the harness.
  2. Does anyone know of a place that can repair the stock speedo/trip computer from an 06 450 EXC? Speedometer works fine but the right button that lets you switch between the other functions stopped working. Currently it's stuck on "Trip1" which works fine as well, just can not be reset or switched to anything else. Would hate to lose the info stored on it such as the hours and total miles. Thanks for any help.
  3. I just picked up a IMS tank for my '06 450 EXC, everything mounts up perfectly and I thought I was good to go until I realized the choke can't be pulled out now (hits inside of the tank). Anyone ever run into this problem? Might have to cut the black plastic knob off, but I hate to do that and I'm not sure it will still clear the inside of the tank even if I do. Thanks for the help.
  4. Ok, I didn't realize there was one built into the cap as well. I had replaced the long piece of hose that went from the cap to the frame with and aftermarket cap vent(a short piece of hose with an aluminum check valve) I guess I was essentialy running two check valve vents then. I'll try this first to see if it makes a difference. Thanks
  5. Definitely going to pull the check valve vent off the gas cap and see if that makes a difference. Would be great if it was something that simple and maybe why they didn't come with one from the factory.
  6. Thanks for the ideas. I'm pretty sure it's not dirt in there, everytime I take it apart she's nice and clean. I'll replace the gas cap vent with just a peice of hose like it came originally and see if that does anything. I was thinking it was float level related too, but I'm not sure how to adjust that? Needle and seat look to be in fine condition.
  7. I have a 05 400EXC that will run perfect and strong riding down the roads to get to the trails but when I start riding up the trails and bouncing around it starts to bog and have no power. If you stop and try to rev it, it won't rev up and sounds sickly. Limp it back out to the road and it will run fine all the way home again. I've had the carb out and cleaned everything 2 times now with no luck. Any ideas, I'm stumped??? Thanks
  8. Mammut

    KTM XC tank + EE seat?

    Cool thanks, good to here.
  9. Hi, was wondering if anyone knew if the 13L XC tank will work with the Enduro Engineering soft seat I have on my 05 400 EXC? The description says certain models may need a different seat? Thanks for the help.
  10. Hello, I just got my suspension back from Enduro Engineering, they did a revalve to the forks and shock. They said the stock springs were fine for my weight (170# with gear) so they did not replace the springs. The clicker settings were received as follows: Forks comp-24 reb-20 Shock comp-24 reb-20 Unfortunately I don't really feel much of a difference from the way they were before I sent them out.Not as plush of a ride as I was Hoping for. I'd hate to think I spent the big bucks for nothing, so I'm hoping to get some recommendations from people on were to set the clickers as this would have to be the only thing left to do? I'm a B level rider, riding northeast roots and rocks. Thanks for your time.
  11. Mammut

    KTM Suspension Service?

    I'm on the other side of the state, east of Albany. Thanks for the replies, I'm going to go with Enduro Engineering, they're running a 20% off suspension service winter special.
  12. I have a '05 400 EXC. I'd like to get the forks and shock set up for more of a plush ride on the roots and rocks here in upstate NY. I'm considering sending them to either Ace Suspension/Bottones Cycles in PA, or W.E.R. in NJ. Just wondering if you've used either of these places for revalve work and if you were happy with the results. Thanks
  13. On my recently purchased 400 exc I noticed the upper chain roller was missing.I picked up a new one and was wondering, Does it mount through the chain Knockdown bar and then into the frame? If someone has a pic that would be great. Thanks
  14. Mammut

    400 exc forks?

    I bled the air, and re-torqued the clamp bolts. Seemed to help some, but I don't think I'm still using all the travel. When properly set up, how much fork tube gets used at full compression? How many mm should I have of air space when I change the oil? Thanks
  15. Mammut

    400 exc forks?

    I recently purchased an 05 400 EXC and I've noticed that I don't seem to be getting the full travel on my forks. Even after landing off a good size jump there is still a good 5-6" of fork tube that does not get used(using the ziptie method) I weigh 160 pounds and the previous owner said the fork springs are stock. What do you think would be causing this? To much preload on the springs? oil/air space wrong? Thanks for the help.