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  1. Awesome!!! Thanks a million.
  2. I recently put the motor to my 1995 xr600 motor back together. This is the only part I have left over. I am not 100% sure that it is from the motor, but that is most likely. oh yeah, I know thats a pencil laying behind it.
  3. Ilooked under the seat and there are not any ground loops I am guessing that they would be a braided metal strapor a large wire. another thing that seems to not be right is the bar that runs between both sides of the frame and holds a little black box (cdi?) is broken completely in two and there is no longer a conn to both sides of the frame. this has been broken since i bought the bike and I never gave it much thought.
  4. thnks ill check that out tonight.
  5. I was recently riding my85 xr600 in a very heavy rain storm. about ten minutes into the rain both of my lights went out. the rear light now flickers very dim at high rpms. the bike still runs fine.did i ruin my stator? any advice is appreciated
  6. does the bearing on the brake side need to be pressed on to the axle housing?