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  1. Hi guys, i bought a crf250 from a guy quite local to me a month back and on viewing he could start it from cold with one or two kicks, now when i got it back home could do the same but the weather here in the uk has got progressively colder. Now it takes me about 10-15 kicks atleast to get it going but once it's going it runs well and starts first kick from hot. I hav checked the valves and there all good. So could this be a jetting problem or something else?Any suggestions appreciated. thanks-Hugh
  2. Hi guys, i have threaded the shorter bolt hole on my 05 crf250 oil cover, i have drilled it out with a 6mm drill bit. The standard bolt is a size m6. What size tap can i use or does nyone know how much complete honda crankcases are? thanks-Hugh