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    Racing old Vintage MX and Soap Box Derby with my kids
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    Johnny O, had a BLAST at the Supercross last night, unbelievable!!! Jason Dollas and I got the best passes you can have - on the floor with Erin Bates! Had a blast rubbed elbows with Ron Lechine, Ricky Johnson etc! Had a blast man - wish you were here!
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    Johnny O, I'm going to scour my pics for one in front of you! I don't know if they exist!!! Later!
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    This post is like a who's who of Illinois MX back in the day!! Rocket, how you been man!!! Tommy O, what's up! It's a blast seeing all the pics and reading about all the old days - as Johnny O said "gave me goose bumps"! Speaking of Jason Dollas, he's coming out here tomorrow and we're hitting the AZ Supercross on Saturday - sweeet! I guess he got some VIP passes so I can't wait! Hey Rocket, I got that CD from Jason - how come you didn't?!! I will give him some ship about it tomorrow when I see him! I can't believe you never got your tapes or the cd yet! That get together last year was great. Rick K mentioned a get together in So Cal - we can do one in AZ too if you want!!! Everyone is welcome at my house - come on out!!! The weather is nice (Sorry Johnny O) and I raced my 1973 Elsinores last weekend, it was a lot of fun. We have a good vintage club out here and race once a month. The vintage nationals are here next month so that should be cool. Lackey usually shows up and races as did Jim Pomeroy before he passed away last year. Anyway, this was a great post - keep the stories coming! Hey Johnny O, how come all the pics you post of me have me behind you!?!! I need to find some where I passed you! Did I ever do that?! Anyway, good hearing from all you guys, keep in touch and if you're ever in the Phoenix area or want to come out, give me a shout! My e-mail is mtnbykracr@netzero.com. Rocket, when you getting me and Billy to go riding?! Later!
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    Hey, this is some cool old talk about the old Maple-Rock. My buddie just sent me this thread and I thought I would check it out. I used to race back in the day there. I was the referee for about 2 years before I moved to Arizona. I used to love racing in the midwest but it's too cold there in the winter so I moved to AZ. Johnny O, haven't spoken in a while! Your pics bring back the good old memories for sure! It's fun to read about the old days and check out the vintage pics. I'm actually racing vintage here in AZ now on old 1973 Honda CR250's - lots of fun but them darn bikes sure don't have much suspension!!! I think the first time I raced at Maplehurst was in 1976 on my YZ80 against guys like Mike Roth, Jim Canner, the Hazdra's etc. I raced the jack hill back then. I remember we did a trials on Saturday, then the 2 hour race or whatever that was. Those were fun times. Mike Roth is actually out here in AZ by me now and I've raced against him on pit bikes in Vegas and Del Mar last May and June. He's super fast on them things! I'm glad just to make the mains... Well if anyone gets too cold back in the midwest, ring me up and head out to AZ and come riding/racing out here. This is the best time of the racing year for us. Summer is pretty darn hot and most of the races are at night which I don't like since I can't see too good. Anyway, fun seeing the pics - thanks! Carl Osborne (mtnbykracr@netzero.com)