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    06 YZ450F Jetting Problem

    I never had the slide out, I just pulled the float plug to replace the jet and replaced the ap cover with a quick shot. I tried (as suggested here) a #48 pilot and also replaced the main with a #170. The bike fired right up and seamed to run great (up and down the street a couple of times). I have not tried to set the pilot screw per the procedure because after 45 days with no rain here, it decided it would rain the next 3 days. Once the rain stops, I will go to the track and warm her up properly and try the pilot screw procedure and get back with the results. I really appreciate everyones time and attention with helping me. This is a great place (Thumper Talk) to get expert advice from fellow members. PS: I take it that if I ever have a need to remove the slide, that I should take extreme caution and care. If you care to elaborate, I am all ears!!!
  2. gohootie

    06 YZ450F Oil Scavage Screen

    Thank you so very much for the explaination. I was real curious about that and did not want to skip anything on servicing the bike. Now that , that is resolved, it's time to load up and ride....Thanks again!!!
  3. I recently changed the oil on my 450 for the first time after break in. I noticed there is no scavage screen to to check or clean. All my other YZ thumpers had one and even my 06 YZ250F has one. I searched the service manual and found no mention of one. Does anyone know why?
  4. Hello All, My problem started like this. With stock conditions, and following the pilot air screw setting procedure, the air screw was almost 3 turns out. I installed a Boyesen Quick Shot and was unable to keep the bike running at idle, with or without the choke. Boyesen reccommended that I go up on the pilot jet, from the stock #42 to a #45 and set the screw at 1 1/2 turns out. I did. Now the bike starts with choke on, after warm up, it is hard to keep running and pops alot with a blip of the throttle. I tried the pilot screw procedure with no results. Screw it in all the way (with bike running ) or out 3 full turns, no change. Should I scrap the Quick Shot and go back to stock jetting? Any ideas? My altitude is a median of 800 ft. Temp is a median of 90 degrees.
  5. I used the same mounting bracket also. But do not understand why one washer diameter is much smaller than the other. Did you put the smaller one on the top or bottom? Does it make a difference?