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  1. seehenry

    Dumbest things you've done to/with your bike

    left it in the front yard while filling up my camelback
  2. seehenry

    Bakersfield riders take a look please

    Thanks for the posts everyone. In response to an earlier question it was yellow blue.
  3. Well it has been a fun trip but my DRZ walked off a couple weeks ago and is unlikely to be recovered at this point. I parked in the front yard to fill up my camelback and change my socks and someone pushed it down the street. If anyone from Bakersfield happens to see an S with a clarke 3.9Gallon natural (the clearish one) riding around give me a hollar. Look for a set of TT case protectors and a seat that has been obviously been shaved to get a short rider closer to the ground (You can only read half of the Suzuki logo on the seat its stretched to tight). My cellular is 863.7851. Now on a more positive note. Hands down I was more satisfied with the purchase of the DRZ than any other motorcycle I have owned. I got mine in FEB06 and immediately set ot to burn the wheels off the thing and it never let me down. I can not at this point check the odometer and I havent checked it in a few months but im ballparking the mileage at 56k. The bike started burning a significant amount of oil at around 48k but that was totally my fault as I got locktite under the CS seal and just about ran it out of oil on a long ride. Other than that ive broken a couple speedometer cables and I can change tires so fast its silly Now im looking for another DRZ so if anyone in SoCal is parting with one let me know. Take care yall.
  4. seehenry

    Too much locktite?

    Just a word of warning. I overdid the locktite on mine several sprocket change ago and the excess slowly crept under the seal before it dried. It leaked almost immediately. When I replaced the seal I noticed the locktite was under the sealing surface so you may wanna take a look at it.
  5. seehenry

    What tire pressure?

    If your conditions are similar to mine (desert in socal) 14f and 16R has been working well with MT21s. Right now im burning up another set of trailwings and have 12f and 14r fruitlessly trying to get some traction for kid chasing.
  6. seehenry

    3.9Ga Clarke Tank Clearance Issues???

    My clarke was awfully close to the seam on the left radiator. I heated the tank with a heat gun and pushed it in a tiny bit with a glove on.
  7. seehenry

    twelve o' clock bar for the drz?

    The stock tail light has always worked well for me
  8. seehenry

    Rim Locks

    you dont need rim locks at all. However, on the off chance you get a flat they keep the tire on the rim. in the case of the front 21inch tire that means you may be able to limp the bike back to the truck or at least get it to the road where you can be recovered. a rear flat can be ridden a considerable distance with no air what so ever in the tire as centrifugal (sp?) force will expand the tire. additionally rim locks prevent the rim from turning inside the tire shearing the valve stem from the tube. one good handful of the front brake lever on tarmac after a low pressure outing in the dirt will illustrate my point.
  9. seehenry

    Jumping SM on street

    as a former criminal (skateboarder) i will warn you that once you start playing on urban terrain you will begin to evaluate everything you see from that perspective. it can actually be a good diversion when you get stuck in the car; seeing what there is on your trip to jump/ride. also i dont know how bad it is with supermoto rims but a 21 inch front flats pretty easy on the way up a flight of stairs (i run high pressure) and rim locks are worth little when you hit the asphalt with a spinning rear wheel. have fun and be safe man
  10. seehenry

    Fuel screw question

    drill a hole in the head of the stock screw. install a piece of brazing rod or something similar. use jb weld or solder to hold the rod in place. the whole project will cost pennys.
  11. seehenry

    Installing LED signals

    I just let mine flash quickly. People tend to cut you off out here if you get them warning of your intentions.
  12. seehenry

    got that mystery rattle?... a possible cause...

    luckly the bolt on mine backed out months ago. now if I could get the passenger pegs to quit rattling I would be happy.
  13. seehenry

    Sustained speed with 14/44

    im running 14/44 and still run down the railroad tracks in the high 80s. I ran it up to the limiter with 13/44 around there but haven't noticed hitting the limiter with 14/44. I am willing however to test this in the morning as I have a couple hundred miles of backroads to ride.
  14. seehenry

    What Grease Do You Use?

    Ditto on the belray. I use the tube for a greasegun and crush it in the vise when I can't reach it with my fingers anymore(fits good in my toolbox).
  15. seehenry

    Sustained high speed journeys?

    with stock gearing on my S I regularly ran wide open on the interstate (90 ish indicated) and never felt like I was hurting the motor. I have been to Cabo twice, Washington state (longlake area) twice, Medford Oregon three times (in addition to the washington trips not during), Tuscon Arizona, Loffland Nevada, and miles and miles of hwy1/101 along the coast on various photographic projects and have yet to encounter a serious problem. On the slab I prefer to open it up all the way and let the wind act as my cruize control. I try and change the oil before I leave for a trip because I dont normally know how long I will be on the road and change it when I get home. I bought my bike 14 months ago and with close to 40,000 miles on the clock it still runs great. It may be using a little oil now but not so much it concerns me on any trip less than 500 miles. Personally I say get the bike with the understanding that it is not a goldwing and ride it into the ground. A removeable windscreen may make it just comfortable enough for you and when you get to where you are going enjoy having an adequate play bike to mess around on. I dont use one but i'm so short I dont stick up into the wind very much