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  1. minisrock

    Need a rear wheel!! ASAP!!

    About to you a PM!
  2. minisrock

    Need a rear wheel asap!!!

    Ok, I'm going to call Pitster tomorrow and see what they can hook me up with! And if that falls through I'm probably buying a rear hub so I'll need that rim! I'll let you know. PM me.
  3. minisrock

    Need a rear wheel!! ASAP!!

  4. I need a rear wheel for a 50, any brand, any color. 10 inch prefered! Let me know what you have asap!!
  5. minisrock

    Need a rear wheel!! ASAP!!

    I need a rear wheel asap. With or without brakes, and sprocket. I don;t care what brand or color, as long as it's cheap! Let me know what you have, and I would perfer to get a 10 inch rear!
  6. minisrock

    Need some parts!!

    Thats what I was thinking of doing too! But since I have so many extra parts I might as weel just buy 3 or 4 more things, and if nothing else sell it locally or something. I'll try to get some pictures of the bike when I'm almost done/done.
  7. minisrock

    Need some parts!!

    I've been building a bike from spare parts I have, and need a few more things. First off I'll list what I have, and then what I need. If I miss something, let me know, and maybe you'll have it? Have 2005 Frame 2005 Swingarm/shock 2005 Stock Forks 2005 Gas Tank Knock Off Footpegs/Mount Stock XR Plastics/Seat Need Set Of Wheels Pipe Motor Clamp/Bars (Might need them and might not. Not sure.)
  8. minisrock

    Got any 85 Parts?

    Clear your PM box!
  9. minisrock

    Got any 85 Parts?

    I need all and any CR85 parts you have!! I'm building a bike for the stock class this year, and need this built, and broke in before the Mini O's this year! We won't be able to make it to Loretta Lynn this year because I'm having leg problems from one of my recent injurys. But anyways let me know what you have!!! Thanks
  10. minisrock

    Got any KX85 Parts?

    I need any KX85 parts you have! I am going to be putting together a bike for the stock class this year for the Mini O's since we can't make it to Loretta Lynn, and my sponsors don't sell stock parts so I'm looking around. I've found some stuff on ebay, but still need a ton of stuff!!! Thanks
  11. minisrock


    Yeah, I've just been seeing the 2006 CRF250's out at the tracks flying, so I thought I mighyt go with them. But if I got the Kawi, I could get it a little cheaper off ebay. I guess we'll just have to see!
  12. minisrock


    Wow, almost 50 views and yet no replies?
  13. minisrock


    I'm thinking about buying a CRF250, not sure what year, or where at? It's probably going to have to be used off of ebay or something in the news paper. But my friend has a 2005 CRF250, and a 2006 CRF250 in which his sponsors gave him! And he rips on those things completly stock. Makes it to Loretta Lynn on the bikes. So I was just going to ask you guys what you think about the bikes! To tell you the truth, the only 125/250F I've rode was my friends 2005 KX125. So just help me out on this one, I've been riding Kawasaki for 2 years now, and I think it's time for a change!
  14. Ok, I need everything for an xr80/100. I'm building a big bore bike for my brother, and need everything, but tires, and motor parts! That means, I don't want someone to post something here if they have a big bore kit. Because a big bore kit is useless with out a motor. lol. Let me know what you have! Thanks