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  1. MrTucker

    After market plastics?

    I believe the Acerbis rear fender is made for an E. I got one for my SM and had to trim a little bit off around the subframe and near the tail light, but it was nothing big and you didn't notice it when it was installed. Took me about 10 minutes and that was because I was using a pocket knife I was also impressed by the quality. Never crashed, but it seemed pretty solid. The finish definilely isn't show quality, but it doesn't sound like you care about that. Not bad, just not very shiny and had some scuffs on it.
  2. MrTucker

    Insurance update in regards to my stolen DRZ

    You made out pretty good. My 05 w/1200 miles was stolen in February and I got $4100 for the bike, but $5100 total with all the aftermarket goodies. I cashed in on almost all of my mods (didn't get $250 for the Corbin cause I couldn't find the reciept:banghead:). I didn't even claim them on insurance, just brought in reciepts and a pic of the bike with the mods on they didn't even ask any questions. Keep all your reciepts
  3. MrTucker

    Post pics of YELLOW DRZ400SM!!!

    My 05 the day before it was stolen
  4. That's because you bought a DRZ. It's a 1 cylindar, 400cc thumper with 33-35 hp - it wasn't made for power. On the street is leaves much to be desired for. On trails and somewhat technical stuff is what it was made for. Adding power is definitely doable, but be careful what mods you do expecting to make a lot of difference. I had the SM model and did the 3x3, set up the jetting, and added a full Yosh exhaust and to be honest, the power difference was minimal. The throttle response was a huge difference, but I doubt I even picked up 3hp. You need to dig into the internals for significant hp gains. The FCR is a good start, but a big bore kit, hot cams, E base gasket, etc are where the hp gains are. Simply rejetting the stock carb, cutting the 3x3 mod, and adding an exhaust will definitely increase throttle response and make it seem more "peppy", but the difference wont knock your socks off. It took me riding the piss out of it the morning of, and immediately after doing the exhaust and 3x3 mods to notice a difference. Your low end will be much improved, but nothing on the top end. Adding an FCR would be one of the best things you can do if you do only one thing...
  5. MrTucker

    Another stolen bike!!!

    Unless you have Progressive. When my DRZ was stolen they didn't even wait, they just started the paperwork. I had a check in a little under 3 weeks
  6. MrTucker

    bike was stolen :-(

    shit happens bro, sorry I dont have more comforting news for ya. When I bought my house I went to the police station and got a report of the crimes in the area. There were zero robberies or car thefts in a 6 block radius in the last 5 years. Then my place gets popped, then my bike gets stolen, then my car gets broken into the next week. Fact is, your shit is never safe. you work hard for it and it only takes one scum bag who wants it and is willing to break in to take it. all you can do is keep your place as secure as possible, insure your shit, and keep reciepts. It's no consultation now, but there isn't much you can do about it. No insurance company in the world will pay out for stuff you cant prove ownership of. If you have any reciepts on paypal for any of your stuff, that should work...it did for me
  7. MrTucker

    bike was stolen :-(

    I wouldn't worry too much. As long as you can prove ownership (reciepts and such) they are good to deal with. My house was broken into a few years ago and I was cleaned out pretty good. They took the TV, the entire stereo system (speakers and all), the PS2 (just came out then), both computers, bedroom TV and DVD player, $1500 mountain bike, leather sofa and recliner, extensive liquor collection (easily $500 worth of top shelf stuff), a brand new Nikon dig camera, all my girlfriends underwear and lingerie, several pairs of my shoes, 2 $500 suits, every spare key in the damn place...they damn near took everything. My mail was all over the place, cd's and dvd's were all gone, clothes were everywhere, mirrors were broken...my insurance adjuster guy estimated over $10,000 worth of losses. it was a good thing I'm pretty OCD 'cause I had reciepts for about 95% of everything that was taken (excluding cd's and dvd's) so insurance cut me a check right away. I was more pissed off about some of the shit they took...like my girlfriends underwear? Do you have any idea how much all that Victoria's Secret crap costs??? and they stole all the keys!! It didn't help that I FINALLY just got everything replaced late last year then some jackass punk stole my DRZ....I hate people, and so do my two Dobermans who sleeps right inside the front door
  8. MrTucker

    looking for cheapest price for a full yosh..help.

    JCMotors.com had a pretty good deal when I bought...not sure what they are offering now
  9. MrTucker

    is $6500 Too much???? Please Comment

    FYI, Progressive just settled on my stolen SM at $4500 + $700 in aftermarket stuff....it sucks, just one more reason to NOT buy new if you can avoid it Oh, and mine was an '05 with 1200 miles
  10. MrTucker

    So my acerbis black plastic came in :( . . . .

    here's the best pic I have of my old black Acerbis panels. They were good, but if you're looking for show quality you'll be sorely disappointed. This is without any polishing what-so-ever
  11. MrTucker

    My DRZ was STOLEN last night!!!

    so far they've been great. the theft claim procedure says there's a 30 day wait period and if it's not recovered in those 30 days it's determined a total loss and they cut me a check. But when I went in to the Progressive office 2 days later they had already reached their settlement and told what I was going to be getting, and that it would take around 2 weeks. They said that since so few bikes are ever recovered and the ones that are recovered are still deemed a total loss that they don't even wait the 30 days. They just start the paper work and if it's recovered before they finish, then they deal with it. The thing that shocked me was that they covered all of my mods that I had receipts for, even though I hadn't claimed any of them under my insurance! so I got about $700 (didn't have a reciept for the Corbin) plus $4500 for the bike. So I'll get just over $5k (assuming it's not recovered).
  12. MrTucker

    Corbin Seat in Sacramento,CA?

    check out oneidasuzuki.com they have the best deal I've seen yet
  13. MrTucker

    My DRZ was STOLEN last night!!!

    I pay attention to that everytime. I always make sure nobody is watching, but what can you do! I dont have a garage, but it was chained through the frame...get LoJack and a better chain I guess
  14. MrTucker

    My DRZ was STOLEN last night!!!

    thanks guys! I'll keep you posted, but I'm sure my next post on here will be in 30 days saying that it was never found, but I'm getting a check and a new bike. ah well, I keep telling myself its just a machine....but that doesn't help,