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  1. Hey guys I just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this problem too. I have just bought an excell complete wheel with the carrier for the front rotor. I started putting the carrier on the hub and the first 4 bolts went in with out a hitch, torqued the bolts to the 16 ftlbs as stated in the instructions,.I started to put the rotor on when I noticed the flange bolts that are supplied with the carrier are not screwing in the holes, instead there cross threading.All of the bolts will not fit the holes. This set up is rediculosly (SP?) expensive, I spent close to 700 bucks for this p.o.s. Am I supposed to tap the holes on the carrier to make this work?
  2. Yes the 05-07 i believe will work for your bike, the body style changed in 08.also 05 125-525 ktm graphics are the same plastic design, with the exception of the headlight/number plate, which ever your running.
  3. thanks for the info guys!
  4. i see where the set screw is, but what tool do you use to loosen, and tighten it? is is a hex bolt? i cant really tell.
  5. Hey guys, i have an 05 yz 125 and I noticed that on one fork there seems to be oil leaking from the bottom of the fork where the chrome lower part of the fork goes into the bottom casting, when i compress the fork it seems to be pushing oil up thru where the casting and lower tube meet, anyone have this problem before? this is the first bike ive seen this on, is it repairable?
  6. You guys we're right, pulled it apart today to replace that shift stopper and sure enough the shift stopper fell apart inside the case.Found the outer race of the bearing part lying in the bottom of the case,the shift stopper wasnt making contact with the shift detent any longer.I bolted the new one on and it lined right up, I only pulled the outer clutch cover to get to it, and after removing the clutch basket it was right there to do the work.I can tell already its shifting 100 % better than before.
  7. lol ok man, thanks!
  8. can someone give me a part number for the stopper, i can't find anything called a stopper on the fiche.thanks.
  9. today I took my first ride on an 05 yz 125 I recently bought.I noticed it was really hard to shift and not smooth at all,anyone know what the problem could possibly be?And how much tranny oil is supposed to go in there, it says 660 cm3 i don't know what thats supposed to tell me.
  10. tried flipping them to no avail.there warped kind of on an angle,that wouln't seal either way,totally lame.
  11. No, i wasn't sucking air or running lean, i pulled the reed block out an held it up to the light to see that the reeds were warped,so I got a "brand new" reed block with warped reeds.Pulled it out and replaced it with the stock ones and its running like new again.I didn't buy the block from a reputible source, just some nobody off of e-bay, so i have a suspicion that they might have known what they were selling,but ill never know.But, thanks for you help guys,I really appreciate it!
  12. im going to check the throttle cable tomorrow.
  13. yeah thats what i meant with the air/fuel screw, or the idle screw,with the lock nut, it did absolutely nothing when i turned it.i just pulled the slide out to see where the clip was positioned and it all went back together ok, so im imagining its seated properly, when i wick the throttle it sounds like everything is good.
  14. I have a 2005 YZ 125 that i just put v-force 3 reeds in, now the bike idles too high, and i can't get it to idle lower,i messed with the air/fuel screw, that did nothing, and then with the throttle cable adjuster that did nothing, pulled the tank to see if the cable was hung up somewhere and it wasn't. Any clues as to what's going on here?or did i just waste 100 bucks on this p.o.s.
  15. Im a fan of both 2 and 4 strokes, but i don't think 2'S suck at all, i have beaten many 4 strokers on a 2 stroke in my day,i think your friends are a bit misguided in their opinions.