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    Art, music, business. I love photography, I play piano and enjoy boxing, Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu. I studied PR and Marketing in college, so I act as brand manager for some small and midsize companies, and I have my own real estate business. I love being a mom and I love enjoying the oudoors with my kids. Riding is one of the best ways to do that!

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  1. Check this thread out - http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1148834-lectron-carb/?hl=+kenpo1 We just switched a lectron from one bike (an RM 250) to one of the YZ 250's, same results as reported in that thread. Definitely a mod that I think is worth it on any bike.
  2. motoxbob

    Phoenix / Arizona riding buddies

    +1 on both Desert Wells and Bulldog. I put some time in at both when I was (re)learning.
  3. motoxbob

    Southern Arizona

    Nice scenery.
  4. motoxbob

    2017 KTM first impression

    This has turned into a d*ck measuring contest, can't really contribute to that part of the thread... but I'm both excited about the new tech, and bummed to lose the 200! I echo the concern about air forks off road, so definitely looking forward to real world results from local riders and racers.
  5. motoxbob

    300 XC vs 300 XC-W

    Interesting thread. I've not heard anything good about the 4cs forks. What I'm seeing more and more of here in the Arizona desert are 250/300 xc and sx bikes with KYB SSS conversions.
  6. motoxbob

    Female newbies in the Phoenix area?

    Yea, between kids, work and other hobbies, I've been off a bike for a long time. I'll shoot you an email! I don't get on here much.
  7. motoxbob

    Female newbies in the Phoenix area?

    Hi there! I've been off the dirt bike for quite a while, but had a year or two of trail experience before taking a break. I've been focused on kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu the last few years and just didn't ride, but have been missing riding lately (my husband is back on a bike after a 5 year lay off, and I'm getting jealous watching him load his bike up every week). Anyhow, We just pulled the motor out and the suspension off my bike to get it revalved and rebuilt, but should be back up and going here in a couple of weeks and I'll be looking to ride. I'll be pretty slow for a while, but would love to go ride, just girls or as couples. Not much interest in MX (right now) but would be fun to do some trail riding. Let's keep in touch.
  8. Riding is for rednecks. It's for lots of other people too! I'm guessing when your GF uses "redneck" it's as a pejorative, correct? I ask because many are proud to be labeled redneck. If she is using it with negative connotation, then, as noted above, she likely resents your riding. It could be because she really does think it associates you with some negative aspect of society, or she just resents the time and money it takes. In either case, you can "educate" her out of that. My mom hates motorcycles. When I dated a guy who rode, I wasn't real keen on the bikes. When I married him, he told me he wanted to learn to do things I enjoy (he was lying, he was smart, but he was lying! ) and that he wanted me to try things he enjoyed. As I was exposed to riding, I learned that it's a wonderful community, and as I learned to ride, I saw it for what it was and came to love it. Now, when he wants to go ride, I don't RESENT it, because I UNDERSTAND it. I want to go ride too. I don't begrudge him going with his buddies, and I enjoy that he goes riding with me and is patient with the fact that I'm not as fast. He also has always encouraged me to have my own hobbies, or take girls nights or whatever, so I don't mind when he does the same. Some guys are jealous of their time with their girl, but don't like it when she is that way with them. Be sure you're not doing that.
  9. motoxbob

    2006 RM 250

    Biggest issue is they don't make it any more.
  10. motoxbob

    Getting closer and closer to having a brand new.. Old rm

    That's looking fantastic. Waiting on parts or just need the time to put it back together?
  11. motoxbob

    Lightest Dirt Bike Helmet?

    For those interested, I took some pics of a 6d helmet cut-away. Trying to upload these from my phone so I hope it works. Gives some perspective as to what their doing.
  12. Did you seriously just post a vid of quad track with zero log crossings, no rocks and not a technical feature as a comparison? You have got to be trolling.
  13. You just don't get it. Two or three of the guys you're dogging race regularly and are highly competitive. One races A class. EVERYONE here knows this, accept apparently you. None of these guys are going to bother posting a video for the benefit of some novice rider when so many others here no how they ride and race. You can throw a tantrum and call names all you want. But seriously, you're alienating an entire online community.
  14. You said no one has seen him ride. There are multiple 3rd parties here who have. The point isn't stories, the point is, you're wrong. And since you obviously suffered some brain damage in your last crash, I'll explain this for you as simply as I can; you are talking up a 250f like it's some bada$$ machine that walks all over every other bike, including, apparently Monk's YZ 250, Kenpo's RM 250 and Sean's CR 500... and you somehow think that because you can launch yourself off a 250f with EFI, that you can handle those faster bikes? The point in my mentioning my gender - I am girl which means I very like weigh less than you and have less upper body strength (although I'm starting to second guess that) and I can handle your wicked fast bike. I ride one regularly! They are far easier and smoother to ride and are slower than any of the bikes you are dogging.
  15. Actually, there's quite a few TT members who have ridden with him... Lot's of AZ riders on TT and lot's of group rides. I assure you, you couldn't keep up. And that bike has been rebuilt from the ground up, including cylinder, porting and head mods. It would eat that 250f of yours and crap it right out the exhaust pipe. It would embarrass you far worse than your 250f. And on the subject of 250f's... I ride one with FI, and I'm a 125lb girl. You're embarrassing yourself.