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  1. put it in gear, push the bike to make the rear wheels turn a bit and so the motor too, and put it in neutral, kick again
  2. ouelto

    Warp 9 wheels

    go with pro wheels
  3. ouelto

    Ktm 144?

    dude that bike make alot of power i was impress , we had a ktm 125 2006 that day too and its easy to tell that the 144 is stronger everywhere, but you still have to keep it pinned to go fast ! but i think the 250f as still the edge over that bike , its a big dillema..
  4. ouelto

    Ktm 144?

    i rode one this weekend and its REALLY good, keep it wide open and its as good as a 250f , the suspension is so good too for a stock bike im impress put a work PC pipe with a shorty and its gonna be one sexy bike lol
  5. hey! i got some problem , my bike wont start and isnt making fire, its not the spark plug and coil, at the end the bike was running wierd like if there something wrong with the caburator but its not because some time it was runnin good , So maybe somebody got that king of problem ? Thanks Alex
  6. ouelto

    Check this out

    I cant believe you said that HAHAHA damn dude
  7. is it a clapped out morgan racing 06 bike you bought&?
  8. time to invest in some glove for both , lol
  9. ouelto

    excel rims brake fitment

    i remember a guy here tried to put a kx wheels on a yz and had the same result as you ,disk brake was to small is there a serie # or something on the hub just to see if its really for a yz?
  10. ouelto

    excel rims brake fitment

    all yz yzf have the same disc brake size for years , are you sure your wheel are for a yz? it look like a kx size disc brake,
  11. ouelto

    07 ported head

    my yamaha dealer did make a 60+ hp yfz and the problem was not to get there but the reability, the engine is just not suspose to take that much hp
  12. ouelto

    07 ported head

    Are you talking about wheel HP?
  13. here's mine sorry for the snow, lol