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  1. Looks like Da boy is rippin' it up on da two fiddy ! nice:thumbsup:
  2. Thanks but no thanks, I have enough old bikes now. Next one I buy will be atleast in the 2000's I hope. Looks like you guys have been getting a lot of riding in. I'm jealous. I will toss the yz back togethor this weekend and see if I can get out on it in the next few weeks. It would be good to see you guys again.
  3. To repaint frame,also redid the swing arm bushings.
  4. OUCH !!!!!!!!
  5. haven't been a dirtbiker yet this year yz motor is still on kitchen table.Might get to it soon. Been busy riding the gsxr,but have the craving for dirt again. No prolly about it, I am the slowest
  6. That sucks,did you get rid of the 02 yet?
  7. Got my tickets yesterday.
  8. Sweet pics !!!!!!!!!! Where were those taken ? Looks like a blast. Can't wait to get out riding with you guys and learn a thing or two.
  9. I should be up there saturday too!
  10. What's up with selling the bikes Killer ?
  11. Looks like a beautiful get togethor,but I think I'm going to have to decline the invite this time.I need to spend time tomorow figureing out where the vibration in my tow vehilce is coming from. It seems to be engine related:foul: