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    YZ250 + FWW = Three Stroke?

    Howdy sir, My thoughts: I ride a 05-yz250 in the bush and I love it. When it comes to power it has it when you need it and comes on smooth. I ride with a bunch of thumpers and I'm the only two-stroke, when they switch over and ride mine they can't believe how light it is (especially the yamaha aluminum frame) here are the mods I made to make the bike preform/handle for me: + 1 yz250 stock + 1 FMF SST Pipe (beside the reed valve the best mod going) + 1 FMF Powercore 2 Silencer + 1 Vortec Carbon Fibre Reed Valve. + 1 Eline Pipe Guard (Carbon Fibre) + 1 Elin Skid Guard (Carbon Fibre) + 1 Jimmy B. Renthal Bars (I'm 6'2" and the stocks are too low) + 1 Aluminum Hand Guards (Tree/Knuckle de-interfacer) ----------------- = 4 Stroke ass kicking. har har har Happy ridiing. Josh