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  1. RenegadeMX

    Oil Capacity?

    I'm asking this for a friend with an 06. He says his manual tells him to fill it to a certain level on the sight glass, then run it, then level it out or something. He says it always reads different and doesn't know if he's putting too much in or not enough. So is there a rough estimate of how much oil to put in at an oil change to make his life easier?
  2. RenegadeMX


    No kidding...my bars do flop to either side reeaaally easy. I always try to keep my bars centered, but if a slight breeze comes thru, it will turn the bars. I'm gonna go tighten that nut right now! Thanks!!
  3. RenegadeMX


    I set the sag once, but I'll double check it. Bike was brand new about a month ago, no wrecks. Thanks for the tips!
  4. RenegadeMX


    Howdy. I've been experiencing a bit of headshake with the ole girl ever since I got it. It's usually at the end of a whooped out section, the bars get all twitchy. At first I thought it was just because my arms/hands were weak and I couldn't hang on, but now that I'm in a little better shape, it still does it. Thing is completey boner stock right now, race sag has been set, and I'm an intermediate rider, about 5'8" and 145 lbs. I'm a total n00b when it comes to clickers, etc. so what should I try for adjustments on my own? Sending my suspension out to FC is out of the question right now...thanks!
  5. RenegadeMX

    Proud new CRF owner!

    Just like women...
  6. RenegadeMX

    Proud new CRF owner!

  7. RenegadeMX

    Proud new CRF owner!

  8. RenegadeMX

    Proud new CRF owner!

    Just got back from the first time really getting into her! Oh man I love this bike! The handling alone is reason enough to buy it!
  9. RenegadeMX

    Proud new CRF owner!

    I just got my bike yesterday afternoon. It's my first racing 4 stroke. I've been on RM 125s for the past 3 years. I'm stoked on this bike, it's light years ahead of my old RM. I've been reading up on here about the maintainence procedures and what not, doesn't seem too, too bad. I think this site is a great resource! Well I just wanted to say Hi! I'm gonna go tear into the bike right now and get it all set up!
  10. Thanks for the help. I ended up getting the flywheel off without the tool and was able to get the spring out before it got mangled in there and really messed some stuff up. She's back up and running now!
  11. Well I had put the spring back in first, then the spacer, which was completely wrong. Now the spring is caught up inside the engine this way (---) and it's supposed to be this way( | ). I'm screwed. How hard is it to take apart?
  12. My dumbass just took out the 14mm bolt thinking it was the drain plug, but instead a metal cylinder with 4 or so holes and a spring popped out of there. I put it back in, but when I started it up it was making this weird noise from the engine, so I'm guessing it has to go in a certain way....HELP ME PLEASE!!!