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    Bike Damage

    To put this story to a close. The guy came by late last night - he was super nervous talking to me and apologized about 10,000 times. I was going to ream him out - but I think if i said anyhting mean to him he would have cried. I'm pretty sure the check will clear - and he again offered that if anything more turns up as damaged he will pay for it. He says that he'd never do somethign like this - and security did see someone else with him in the garage - he seems to think that maybe someone outside the complex told him they left the bike inside and needed them to get it or something. I checked the radiator/fins/mounts and they all look ok - just lucky there I guess. In hindsight I should have called the cops right away to be on teh safe side - even though it worked out for me this time it might not have. I'm actually psyched it was all taken care of so quickly - because cops and insurance and charges and the like would have just meant i couldn't ride the bike as soon. Now onto replacement parts. Thanks for the help -brian
  2. Deacon_S

    Bike Damage

    He is supposed to come talk to me in person soon. But I've got a check for the amount I asked for in my hands. I really want to be a hard-ass to this guy but... we'll see if he we see me face to face. Also it doesn't seem very much like a laywer wrote that - hell at least my letter to him was typed! -Brian (weird that the guys name is also brian...)
  3. Deacon_S

    Bike Damage

    So I guess I should call the cops then huh? Just to add more to the story - I never have met the guy - security "caught" him as he was trying to pull the bike out of the front of the garage lot. When asked he said it was his bike - and he was so wasted the security guards just made him leave the bike there to not ride it. The cameras do show him and another guy (maybe just there trying to help him - as the guy is wasted) dropping the bike and trying to get it out of the door. In the letter I wrote to him I told him I didn't want to press charges but I would involve the police if he didn't agree to pay for all the damage. I attached an invoice for all the replacement parts I already ordered, and added some money for dealer doing the repairs - I think it worked up to just under 500 bucks. Keep in mind the damage isn't terrible - I mean its a freaking dirtbike after all. I spoke more to the security guard - guy is a early 40s lawyer of sorts - and he drives a BMW 645Ci I also apparently have a letter from him in my mailbox - so I'll know more when I get home. I'm in Philly and condo management is telling me I have 10 days from the date of incident to file a police report - and up to a year to press charges.
  4. Deacon_S

    Bike Damage

    yeah I didn't lock the steering - turns out the gated garage and security guys are not as good as I had imagined. Still though - even with the steering locked it sounded like he was wasted enough to knock it over and damage it at least once. its definintly locked up now - waiting for parts
  5. Deacon_S

    Bike Damage

    So how's this for suck... 10 days after picking up my DR-Z400SM some freaking drunk moron in the condo complex underground garage at 2AM gets the bright idea that he is going to take my bike out. Never started it - but walked it 250ft down to the front of the parking garage dropping it multiple times in the process. Secuirty stopped him as he was trying to wheel it out the front door of the garage. This is all caught on the security tape. handlebars bent, mirrors cracked, bar ends gouged, clutch cover dented a bit from the rear brake, and some minor scrathes to the plastics and exhaust end. I wrote the guy a nasty letter the next morning when I found out the whole story - detailing all the parts he broke and telling him he has a few days to send me a check for the damages or I'm calling the cops on vandalism and attempt theft charges. We will see what happens. I don't want to make a HUGE deal out of this because we both still have to live here - and i dont want to guy to try anyhting else if i get him arrested or something... I just want the bike fixed ASAP. I'm freaking pissed. Less than 400 miles on the thing and already its messed up. -Brian
  6. Been lurking here for two weeks. Took today off from work to pick up my 06 DRZSM this morning in Philly. 150 miles later.... damn that stock seat sucks I haven't been on a bike since I sold my early 90's KX125 - 8 Years ago or so - and I've never had a street bike, but I fell in love with the idea of the SM when I saw one on the street a few weeks back. Anyhow - back to lurking for a bit while I get my very rusty riding skills back. Fear the crappy Camera Phone pics from this afternoon.