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  1. Thanks for the info Wade, I've sent Mr. Northrup a request to be added to all future mailings and info regarding motorized use of public lands managed by the Moab Field Office of BLM. AJP
  2. AJP

    WD40: Junk or Legit?

    OK, so I'll be the odd guy here. I use WD40 as a chain lube. I have been using it for over 10 years on at least 5 different bikes (all using O-Ring chains). FYI, I keep a log of mileage and all part replacements, services, etc. On each of my last 5 bikes I put over 3,500 miles on the OEM O-Ring chains (Honda (1), Suzuki (2), Yamaha (2). Each time I used WD40 exclusively. In fact, I have never used chain lube nor chain wax on an O-Ring chain. I didn't like how the sticky stuff attracted dirt, which stuck to all of those moving parts. I'm a believer in "cleaner is better". WD40 removes water after washing and prevents rusting. I really don't know how well it lubricates the chain, I just know that 3,500 + miles per chain and sprockets is good bang for the buck. After all if the O-Rings are working then the lubrication should still be in there on the rollers where it's needed most. Alan J Peterson
  3. AJP

    SUWA wins the Factory Butte Battle!

    As a charter member of AMA, Blue Ribbon and USA-ALL I agree 100% with your analogy. BRC, USA-ALL and COHVCO do far more than the AMA ever has or ever will do to protect multiple use of Western public lands. BUT, the individual riders like you and I have got to be involved directly with the land managers. Local clubs, organizations and individuals can and should have the greatest impact on manager's decisions. So, while you are supporting BRC, USA-ALL and COHVCO, don't forget to join a local club and volunteer to map, sign and maintain those trails. That's what it takes. Just look at what a dozen Sage Riders have been able to accomplish with the Temple Mtn Trail System. And a couple dozen CCOHVA members have done for the trails/roads in the San Rafael Swell. Or, how about the 1/2 dozen from Ride With Respect who have done all the work in the Ten Mile / White Wash area. We need YOUR help. If you don't have a club in your area, please join one that is already active in protecting your favorite areas. Thanks in advance for joining forces with those who are fighting for our sport. Alan J. Peterson USA-ALL BRC SAGE RIDERS CCOHVA SEUOHV GRMA AMA (hey, I had join so I could race the nationals)
  4. ****This is an Action Alert of EXTREME URGENCY!**** ****The Situation**** USA-ALL is concerned with motorized access to public land all over the state of Utah. One such area that we have been working tirelessly on is the Factory Butte / Caineville area. We have beaten the petition filed by SUWA to close the entire area for the exception of a couple county roads. However BLM in preparation to consider allowing a large open area has discovered a pair of “endangered” cactus are very prevalent in our open riding areas! Coincidence? Perhaps. It is ironically similar to what Gang Green had petitioned for. Nevertheless BLM (Richfield Field Office) has requested to implement an EMERGENCY RESTRICTION ORDER. This restriction will leave an open riding area of 2,600 acres around what is commonly known as “Swing Arm City”. Sure this is a small victory, it could be worse, but not much. The remaining (approximately) 160,000 acres will be limited to designated routes! Now if BLM had a more accurate inventory of routes and had allowed more routes in the restriction order we would be a little happier. But they don’t. BLM is allowing travel on handful of short spurs, and routes. Considering the size and character of the area this is woefully inadequate. Of course the County roads are still open but there are only a few of those. This travel restriction will be devastating to the local economy. ALL local county officials and state legislators have sided firmly with USA-ALL. However we have seen little action from the Governors office and Utah’s Congressional delegation with the exception of Congressman Chris Cannon. Congressman Cannon has been actively involved. Ironically Congressman Matheson has not; Factory Butte is in his district. USA-ALL has met with and discussed the problem with all of these parties except Congressman Matheson, he and Senator Bennett wouldn’t or couldn’t meet personally with us. ****What You Can Do**** Call the Governors office and demand that they intervene to stop or further limit this restriction order. BLM has some, although not allot of flexibility on this restriction order. However your elected officials have the responsibility to represent your interests. Also call our Senators and our Congressmen. If you are from out of the State PLEASE CALL and let them know you come to Utah because of recreational access to public land, and closures such as these will cause you to recreate elsewhere possibly not in Utah. For those of you who don’t recreate in this area the ramifications of these actions WILL still affect you. The precedent that this further entrenches will very likely come to limit access to places you do care about. You ALL MUST TAKE ACTION TODAY. 1) Start by forwarding this email to all you know, 2) and then call your friends who don’t have email, 3) then call the numbers below. Ask our elected representatives to take immediate and vigorous action to stop this restriction order, tell them to aggressively fight for your interests and rights, tell them you do not want public land managed via threats of lawsuits from gang green. YOU MUST ACT TODAY! This restriction order will very likely be announced this week, and certainly in the next few weeks. Keep calling until you hear from us or a media source that the order has been publicly announced. At that time we will try to give you maps and further info on what is going on. ****Phone Numbers**** Governor John Huntsman, Jr. 801-538-1000 ask to leave him a private message and call all of the delegation especially your congressman and both senators, Out of state people please call these numbers as well as your local congressman. CALL BOTH NUMBERS Congressman Rob Bishop (District 1) Washington DC: 202-225-0453 Ogden: 801-625-0107 Congressman Jim Matheson (District 2) Washington DC: 202-225-3011 Salt Lake City: 801-486-1236 Congressman Chris Cannon (District 3) Washington DC: 202-225-7751 Provo: 801-851-2500 Senator Orrin Hatch Washington DC: 202-224-5251 Salt Lake City: 801-524-4380 Senator Bob Bennett Washington DC: 202-224-5444 Salt Lake City: 801-524-5933 _______________________________ Utah Shared Access Alliance (USA-ALL) PO BOX 131 PAYSON, UT. 84651 Main: 801.465.1145 Fax: 801.465.6972 Toll Free: 800.944.UTAH (8824) Email: info@usaall.org www.usaall.org Visit our website or call and JOIN TODAY! To subscribe to our action alerts send an email to subscribe@usaall.org to unsubscribe send one to unsubscribe@usaall.org
  5. AJP


    Lenny, Is that steam coming from your brain after the GPS 101 class? You just need to put in some "seat time" and it'll be pretty easy. And you found your 1st geocache already! Wheels 'outa be proud of you......he's not, but Dezchik and I are! AJP
  6. AJP

    Strawberry Singletrack Tour 7/8

    Gee Lenny, what's up with your shift foot? Could it be that you learned the most important difference between mountain trails and desert trails? That the rocks in the mountains have better hiding places...... like in the grass! It was still a great trip. Glad to share a couple days with the GRMA guys. We'll do it again when you and Shan heal up. AJP
  7. AJP

    Colorado Fuel????

    The higher the altitude, the less dense the air. The less dense the air, the lower the barometric pressure. The less pressure, the less compression. The less the compression, the less octane needed to ignite the fuel properly. Rule of thumb is a 3% power loss per 1,000' above sea level. The power loss is from lost compression. Just like your body can't get enough air when excercising at high elevation, your internal combustion engine suffers similarly. When in doubt TURBO or SUPERCHARGE! (autos & boats anyway) AJP
  8. AJP

    Delta Sports Center

    The owner of Delta Sports Center is Kevin Bogue. Kevin is a rider and former racer. He cares about his business and has been in business for over 25 years. If something isn't right, just let him know. If you have a complaint, just let him know. If you have a question, just let him know. I'm sure that he'll make things right if he knows there is a problem. Delta Sports Center 1-800-413-3432. AJP
  9. AJP

    Any Utah guys want to go riding next weekend?

    The singletrack trails on the Uintah NF are FANTASTIC. I can't imagine anyone thinking that any of them suck. Many thanks goes out to Brian Louw, Joe Witt, Tanner Witt and others who voluntarily donate their time, effort and money to maintaining that trail system. I for one am very gratefull that they do that so I can ride and enjoy the system. Even the ones that some people think suck(?) Thanks Joe, Tanner and Brian. AJP
  10. AJP

    Dick Brass

    I too hope to ride with Mr. Wheeler again some day. I used to get to ride with him quite often. But, now he has become more like the "legendary DB" and doesn't like to ride in goups larger than two. Mr. Wheeler was recently honored in Washington, D.C. by the BLM as a "volunteer of the year". http://www.ut.blm.gov/NewsReleases/may10.html http://www.sunad.com/index.php?tier=1&pub=2006-05-11&page=morenews#5 Scott also received the 2005 "Brass Hands Award" from the Sage Riders and CCOHVA clubs for his relentless efforts to protect motorized access to public lands. A BIG THANKS goes to Scott Wheeler who is following in the footsteps of DB. AJP
  11. AJP

    Dick Brass

    You know there is a trail in the Swell that is signed as the "VJ" trail. Could it be? Hmmmmm. Or, maybe it stands for "Victory and Justice" since we lost so many miles of excellent singletrack during the route designation process for the Swell. Either way, "VJ" is an excellent name for a singletrack trail in the Swell. AJP
  12. AJP

    Dick Brass

    The guy I know (who claims to be DB) is down 100 lbs. Again, does it make sense that the guy responsible for the Temple Mtn Motorcycle Trail System (including the FMOH) has now become such an avid hiker that he's dropped 100 lbs? I think this adds even more to the DB mystery. AJP
  13. AJP

    Dick Brass

    I remember that article on OffRoad.Com about the CB175. Somebody claiming to be Dick Brass was involved. Check it out, it's a great read. http://www.off-road.com/dirtbike/columns/wo/2006/01/ Mork of the Desert part 1 http://www.off-road.com/dirtbike/columns/wo/2006/02/ Mork of the Desert part 2 AJP
  14. AJP

    Info on Places to Ride and Clubs

    The VERY BEST source of info for riding Moab is Dale Parriott and Clif Koontz of Elite Motorcycle Tours and Ride With Respect. www.elitemotorcycletours.com/ www.ridewithrespect.com/ JOIN -- PARTICIPATE -- DONATE !! AJP
  15. AJP

    best trail riding??

    The new map is called the "San Rafael Motorized Route Designation" map. It is available at the BLM offices in SLC, Price, the CEU Prehistoric Museum, JW Powell Museum, Ray's Tavern, Goblin Valley, some bike shops. I just mailed a box of them to Motorcycle Accessories in Grand Junction today. The map was created by Sage Riders member and volunteer Scott Wheeler of Price, Utah. It was paid for by the State of Utah Off-Highway Vehicle fund. (your registration fees at work for YOU) The map is FREE to the public and is a fantastic example of cooperation between BLM, State of Utah and volunteers. JOIN -- PARTICIPATE -- DONATE !! AJP