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    Possible to remove dent from muffler?

    I appreciate the suggestions. I'm currently painting the exhaust and once it cures I'm going to try these ideas probably starting with the cheapest first as I still use this bike for trail rides too:ride: . I knew the people on this forum would know what to do. Thanks again. I sure do like these old XL's.
  2. Hello. I have an '85 XL600R with this shallow dent in the muffler. Any ideas on how to remove it? Thanks in advance.
  3. Just bought an 85 XL600R with 12,000 miles. It needed new tires so I took it to the local Honda dealer and had the valves adjusted and a compression check done also. It seems to run strong and but I thought a compression check might show how much life might be left before a top end rebuild was neccessary. Here's the interesting part. I called in to find out what the compression was and the mechanic stated 120psi! According to the Clymer manual it should be within 5 to 10 pounds of 175psi. I brought this to their attention and the service manager stated that the mechanic said his gauge could be off and that he had taken the bike out for a ride and it seemed to run fine. Yeah........ The service manager then told me that every bike is a "little different" and not to worry about it. I doubt they even did the check. Any input from you guys would be greatly appreciated as I'm not very mechanically inclined. Whose right.....Clymer or the mechanic? Thanks.
  4. knutestoner

    Tired Of Falling Over

    This is the reason I purchased a older 85' xl600r. I can understand the serious dirt biker needing all that suspension travel but I found the 97' xr650l I test drove to be too tall for me as I'm into slow trailriding. I'm 5'11" and and found the 33.8 inch (versus 37 inches of the 650) seat height of the xl600r much more comfortable along with being about 30 pounds lighter then the 650. Kick starting isn't too bad as it starts on the first or second kick for now. I just wish I wouldn't have had to go so far back in years to get the bike I wanted.
  5. Hello everyone. I just found this forum this evening and I'm going to look at a 85 xl600r tomorrow night with 12,000 miles on it for $1500.00. He says it's in excellent condition and runs "great". We'll see. I would use the search function to have my questions answered but I don't have much time. Sprockets and chain have been replaced along with the fork seals and wheel bearings. I know it depends on how much their abused but how many miles can you get out of these engines before they need rebuilt? I would greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions as to what to look for on this bike. Thanks.