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    My post on p. 6 doesnt show the pics. Here's some more: This was about 5 years ago: my son's 8 yr old cousin wanted a ride. The bike was running. I put him on it and I attempted to saddle up. .As soon as I lifted my leg, Riley had rolled the throttle all the way back the engine started screaming, I reached for the clutch, Riley's foot banged it into First geat, and the bike shot out from under us, straight up in the air, ri[pping off the jerry-rigged 450R fender, and landing on its elft side. I stood there, right leg still in the air, right arm holding Riley, and my left arm still reaching out for the clutch. Our eyes big as saucers. I though I'd hurt the poor kid,as I could feel him jiggling in my arm. Turns out he was laughing so hard he coulnt breathe, then finally "THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!" Follwoed by my wife screaming "&%$#@! DID YOU DO THAT FOR?" LOL. Good times. My former 2000 XR600R: Nothing special, just a 450R rear fender (which I know think looks awful) and a Trail Tech speedo. Never use Purple Power to clean your bike! I went a few years without owning a bike, then bought this 1995 XR600R last week (it's a work in progress). Again, nothing special. It came with an OLD Baja Designs lighting kit and Speedo, White Bros exhaust. The bike sat in a garage for 10 years and the guy I jsut bought it from had it for a year, and beat the piss out of it. every nut and bolt still look brand new. Taking my youngest son out for a ride (and having flashbacks of Riley years ago, I held the clutch, then told him what not to touch, then we climbed on!) All cleaned up and waiting on the mail man:
  2. thanks for the refresher! didnt even think of figging they cylinder. thanks again.
  3. Well, it's nice to be back in TT. I see a lot of new changes and I really like them. Can't remember the last time I've been in here (Edit: 08-06-2009). It's been so long, I forgot pretty much everything I've learned. I've been busy with my military job, 3 kids, and building a 32 Ford Roadster. I need to ride.... The other night I was watching SX on SPEED, then "Bubbas World". My wife could see me getting anxious and said," well, here we go again..." When we met, I rode pretty much every day. My PT sessions for the miltary consisted of me going riding or prepping for riding. It was my life. Fast forward 7 years and add a few kids...priorities change. My 2 year old wants to ride bad...so I'm getting him a bike next year. My prefectly maintained 2002 CRF450R has been sitting for about 2 years. I did "winterize" it as I knew it would be sitting a while, I had NO idea it would be 2 years. So, short of changing out ALL the fluids (there is zero fuel in it), what else should I check out prior to starting it up? Like I said, I've forgotten most of the basics, so I need to get my brain re-geared towards dirt bikes. Any WARNING flags go up? It's in great shape, no leaks or anything.... I imagine I'll need new hoses, spark plug...
  4. Hello once again, I just got back from another brief deployment, and I'm relearning everything about suspension again. It's amazing how much one forgets after a while...ANYWHO, I've got new Fact. Conn fork seals, Honda fork oil, all the right tools, and have been refreshing by watching Rocky Mtns videos. I also plan to redo my shock, and have a new plus size spring. My info: I currently live in FL. Soft to intermediate sand, some hard pack. I'm six foot tall and I weigh between 200 and 215, depending on how lazy I am. I ride intermediate to novice. Not real fast, not real slow. Bike is going to be ridden on trails, and MAYBE a bit of GNCC type racing. I might move out west to Tucson or Vegas within the next year or so, so I would like to have the bike set up for riding out there, where I would be riding a lot faster. Can the bike be set up for tight trails, AND desert? Too much of an extreme? Since I am changing out the fork seals, I figured I would try to set it up for off road. I read the monster thread up top, and am trying to grasp it all. I basically want to know if anyone has revalved their shock/forks, and if they have any words of wisdom regarding MY particular setup. I have a friend (a longtime racer/mechanic who is the Techie at the local Honda dealership) who will be assisting. I'm having a kid (my third), so, money is a bit tight to send it off. Well, I hope I wasn't too vague or misleading. Thanks in advance.
  5. slepe67

    supermoto chopper

    I'd ride it! I saw a drawn print the other day of a CBR1000 that a dude made into a raked out chopper. Looked awesome, and I'm not a crotch rocket guy!
  6. slepe67

    simple green???

    degreaser, depending on what needs it, and original for general washing and cleaning
  7. slepe67

    2002 crf 450r set up for trails???????

    I also have an '02. I love it. You will probably want to send it off to get it revalved for off road/woods. I hear it makes a HUGE difference. I am sending mine off soon. Look around in the off road section. If you look for my threads, I think you may be ahead of the game. Most of them cover set up. Good luck.
  8. deep woods, 13/51
  9. YEah, I guess so. If you get SCORCHED, I could see it, IF it affects your ability to perform your job. Also, a huge portion of it all depends on who your supervisor is. If he's a jerk, you could get written up for almost anything, especially if he has it in for you. If you keep screwing up, and screwing up, yeah, I could see a person getting hammered for that. You can get in trouble for a myriad of things, including DUI (BAD BAD BAD), showing up to work late, drunk/hungover, unshaven; failing to take care of your finances (bills, credit cards, etc), sleeping on duty, insubordination, disrespect, etc etc. It sounds shitty, but, if you just do what you are supposed to do, you're GTG. If you think you shouldn't be doing it, you probably shouldn't.
  10. I'm no SBT hero, but here's some of my better moments..hahah... Fallujah, Iraq, 2004...RPG to the cockpit. Everyone walked off, moderate to severe injuries, I was OK... Near Al Qaim, Iraq, 2005...hard landing, helo destroyed, being lifted out by Marine CH-53E...everyone walked away again..no injuries The USAF has decided to phase out my helos, so I had to retrain. I'm on AC-130s now. No pics yet.
  11. Not to sound like a dick, but Bird is wrong! I've been active duty since 1991. sorry bud, but the unit Commander CAN tell you not to ride. Will they? Probably not. I have been warned, but never told NOT to. The boss will usually say no if you have been injured. E.g. if you got hurt, the old man will tell you not to do it any more. And YES, that would be a direct order. If you enlist in a job that requires you to be "highly mobile", then you may want to think about that one. I am on the hook for wold wide deployment 24-7, and if I get hurt, the unit has to find another person to go. Not to mention, the severity of the injury, the military COULD separate you medically (without benefits) and you would be on your own. THEN The military has to train somebody else to fill your now vacant slot. Lots of money involved. I was warned by my Commander just prior to the invasion of Iraq to,"take it easy on the racetrack, I don't want to tell you that you cannot race, but , I will tell you that things will be bad if you do get hurt bad enough that you can't deploy." BIG PICTURE: It is better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission. Make sure people know you do ride, but don't tell them about how risky it is. And TRY not to take too big of risks. Keep your nose clean, and out of the spotlight, and you can get away with a LOT of stuff. Just don't highlight yourself, stay in the shadows, be where you are supposed to be, when you are supposed to be there, and you are GOLDEN! Oh and Dieselox4, been to Hurlburt lately?
  12. once again, this thread "ruins" reputations without any sort of explaination...I gave you some gas... people, if you're gonna ruin a man's cred, at LEAST have the huevos to tell them that YOU did it, and why. How weak!
  13. Dwight, I think you've got a good idea. Build one, and go from there. People, as you well know, are biased. Some hate certain bikes, some love them all. I would build the damn thing, how YOU like it, and go from there. To chime in about the radiators... I used to own a 200 XR600R. That thing was KILLER! I took it back home to MT last summer and rode some STUPID mountain trails with it. Definitely NOT the bike for the tight stuff, but, it was flawless, and after crashing it so bad my silencer fell off, I was really glad I didn't bring my CRF450R. No radiator was definitely a bonus. Then again, the 450 is a lot funner in the tight stuff. It's all about preference. Build it, and ride it. Who cares what the nay-sayers, um, say. Cheer-o!
  14. I was reading a Dirt Bike Magazine the other day. One of the writers said that people really don't NEED tires wider than 100mm, as they rob power, and, if you're not a pro, it's overkill. What say you? I'm running a 110, and think it's fine for now. Also, thoughts on the bib mousses for off road. Some use em, some don't. Is it a matter of personal preference?
  15. I have seen a lot of good feedback regrading the Ironman sprockets. I bought the cheapo Turner steelie for now, until I decide what I want. I'll try the 51, and if it seems too steep, I'll try the 50. I'm going for 2nd gear trail riding, and after I get back for my deployment, I hope to start racing off road. Lots of trial and error on my side of the house, as there aren't too many people who ride off road here (mostly mx). Thanks the heavens for TT!!!