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  1. ktm400lc4rider

    1996 KTM: Need advice

    i have a 1995 ktm 620 and i love it. i would advice you to get the bike. talk him down a little on the price though.
  2. ktm400lc4rider

    Electric Start wiring

    where is the starter located on the engine?
  3. i bought a 1995 ktm 400lc4 recently it is street legal and the ignition switch was taken off. i was attempting to put it back on because im not too fond of the kickstart being on the left. But i neede to wire the cutoff and electric start and wanted to find out what i had to do exactly. i assume the engine has to have some kind of starter for it to start electrically but i cabt locate it on the engine. Does anyone know where it is?