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  1. To answer questions... O-Rings - I've never replaced them. Don't see the need to, unless they are obviously torn. If you needed to... it's probably easier just take yours to a hardware store and look through the bin for a replacement. The lower plug, no, it's not a drain. I don't normally remove it. But since I already had the skid plate off to do the screen, I figured why not. About a 1/2 a cup of oil came out of it. The torque values are straight out of the service manual. You are supposed to replace the washers (but yes, many folks including myself have reused them a few times... but after a while, they start getting to disfigured) As far as cone shaped... they are supposed to start out cone shaped. When they are squished flat... they no longer do there job as well. The only times folks run into trouble is when the put the washers in the wrong way... which is why I also put the little picture in the corner.
  2. I got tired of going back and looking things up every time I do an oil change. So I made this. Print it out and enjoy Edit: Hmm... guess this forum shrinks large images. Click here for the non-shrunk version.
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    Yes, Oil good. Coolant - well, I should check that again one of these days. But I park it on concrete, and it hasn't been leaking I don't have any issue with it buzzing more at certain RPM's, etc - There are plenty of vibrations to go around on a single - It's just really strange how it will start suddenly, when I haven't changed the RPM's at all - I'm just riding at a steady speed. And it doesn't always do it. It always makes me nervous, like something just broke. Glad to hear it's not just my bike that does it.
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    I've been riding my 06 DRZ 400S back and forth to work this summer, about 10 miles each way. It currently has about 1500 miles on it. Some days (especially on more humid or warmer days) as I'm cruising along at about 65, flat pavement, about 3 or 4 miles from where I left home, the bike will suddenly become _buzzier_. There is a noticeable change in the sound, and possibly, slightly more vibration. Harder to tell that. But the sound change is very apparent. Its like a switch is flipped, and instantly, it becomes buzzier. If I accelerate or decelerate, it seems to subside, for a few moments, but then it comes back when I start riding at a constant speed again. I don't notice if I'm riding slower, say 50 or so. And yes, I am reving pretty high at 75, I have the E sprocket on the back right now. Also, 3x3 mod, JD jetting kit (which, I could quite easily not have adjusted properly - after I put it in, it was better than stock, so I didn't fiddle to much. I'm a jetting amature). I can't remember the settings I used - but I'm pretty sure that I stuck with the kit suggestions for my altitude - about 1000 feet.) It does backfire a bit on decel, otherwise, seems to run fine. Any suggestions? Or maybe I'm just being hyper-sensitive. But I am going out to Colorado in a couple of weeks, and if anything is going wrong, I'd rather find out now. Thanks Vortex
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    Carburation question...

    I picked up a nice shiny new 06 DRZ 400S this spring. I've been riding off and on, and haven't had any issues, until today... Today, when I was riding, if I coasted for a bit, and then cracked it to full throttle (from about 1/3) it would miss once in a while. It hasn't done that before, but today was the first time the temps got up into the mid 80s here, with humidity. Its been cooler when I've been riding in the past. Also, it only started doing this when it was fully warmed up. It runs fine when it is cold, starts great. One other thing I have noticed, it tends to backfire quite a bit when I let it coast down from high RPMs. Does that mean that it is running too rich? The carburation on this bike is still completely stock - the only modifications I've had time to do so far is to remove the side stand and clutch switches. So its not the side stand switch causing the misses. Would running premium fuel help? Or does that only become a requirement if I rejet the bike? Oh, one other thing, my elevation here is about 850 feet. Is there a simple adjustment I can make to the carb to fix this miss / hesitation? I know some of you would say that is it plenty simple to get a jet kit, and do the 3x3 air box mod - but I'm not feeling that ambitious yet. Oh - and while I'm asking, - I make a yearly trip out to Colorado, and ride high elevations (5000 - 10000 feet) - my previous bike - a KLX 650 - always ran fine there, with no carb changes (actually, it ran better at higher elevation... I probably should have changed it for here) - will a stock DRZ run ok at high elevations (I'm fine with not having peak performance for my riding) or will I need to make changes before I go out there? Thanks for any advice, If nothing else, I guess I can always go bug the dealer, but I'll need to wait for another hot day to show him the problem... Dan