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  1. Hahaha thats classic ... I feel your pain - My 8 month old lab ate the entire wiring loom from my trailer. (plug 'n all)
  2. I've ridden a few "busa's and they are a great bike (if you're looking for a large comfortable rocket ship). They are surprisingly happy tootling around the city at 50kmh and on the open road at 150kph. They are very aerodynamic and so the rider isn't run down by wind noise. I'd say test ride a few and see whether you enjoy it or not. Also check out the Blackbird, honda's very refined "hyper sport" bike.
  3. Smart move - you won't regret it.
  4. It's not specifically a dirt bike book, but you may enjoy reading "The long way round" Otherwise some random books that I enjoyed: The Alchemist Catcher in the rye Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance
  5. I'll give you $10
  6. Stop picking on the pumpkins Glenn!!
  7. Thanks everyone for your input. I got the case off and sure enough, the return spring has snapped off the shaft end. I've already got an order in with Honda for a new spring and gasket. (should be delivered to the house today) I'll get everything put back together tonight - just in time for another ride this weekend!!!
  8. Hahaha - Bad luck Rannoch. Thanks for the heads up though.
  9. Thanks Redrider, I'll continue tap dancing round the case. Also, I'd like to know if I should expect any oil to come out once I crack the crankcase? I've drained the oil as per procedure. Should I keep the drip tray handy?
  10. Caution: may contain stupid question. While out riding yesterday my kick start made an "unusual" noise and stopped returning to it's normal position. I can still lift it up and then crank the engine over but the kick lever stays down (it no longer returns to the higher position) I figure this is the spring in behind the crankcase so I've removed the brake lever, oil lines, clutch cable and the crankcase bolts but the sodding thing won't budge. I've tried tapping the cover with small ball hammer but I've had no luck so far. Has anyone got any clever tricks to assist in this process or should I just persist and be patient? Thanks for your time, Paul.
  11. Thanks for the idea guys - I'll give that a go.
  12. Now this is going to sound extremely stupid .... Last night I decided to do an oil and oil filter change on my very recently aquired 1996 XR400. I was doing this "by the book", trying to be careful not to screw anything up. Anyway, I used a funnel to add the fresh oil in after emptying the old and changing over the filter. The funnel had a 5-8 cm clear plastic hose fitted snugly to the end... (can you see where this is going?), as I pulled the funnel out of the oil filler hole the plastic hose popped off and dissappeared into the frame of the bike!!! I used a small pen light to look down the frame but couldn't see it anywhere. So, do you think this will cause any problems It's plastic so it should continue to float near the top of the frame's neck. I was considering "overfilling" the frame with oil to see if the hose would rise close enough for me to grab it.. ??? I'm feeling pretty dense, but flame away.
  13. Hey Barklynt, I've just moved to brisbane and have bought a 1996 XR400. I got 10 years road bike experience but no dirt time. I'd be keen to go for a ride sometime but I'm afraid I might just hold you up. Let me know if your keen anyway, Paul.