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    Graphics, photography, canoeing, camping, hiking and of course motorcycling.

    Current bikes include: 98 VFR800, 97 KDX220, 06 KX450F, 97 TL1000S, 04 TT125
  1. Wallsmith

    Acerbis Handguard Swivel Mount

    I bought this KX450F for $1900. I was told it was a 2007 but when I got it home I discovered it was a 2006. Not a big deal unless YOU WANT A 5spd TRANNY!. I guess don't trust people selling stuff on Craigslist. (Actually I find most people are trustworthy). Anyway my intent was to turn it into a woods bike. My friends said I was crazy but here is what I did. Welded the seat frame (it was cracked) added a kickstand and skid plate. Added a 13oz. flywheel weight. Added oversize radiators and T eliminator hose. Gripper seat, bark busters, TrailTech computer, mudd front caliper. the suspension has been resprung for a 220lb rider. Oversize Acerbis tank allows for 2.7 gals. Break away clutch lever. Thought about adding a Recluse clutch because of the 4sp.
  2. I see this thread has been running for a year now and there has been views posted from both sides of the issue. I have a theory on why woods riders are more friendly and I think it has to do with survival. When you are trail riding you can easily be miles from gas, tools or parts. When you at a track you are usually running solo and your stuff is nearby, good Samaritan attitude is optional. On a track you are also trying desperately to improve lap times, and the noob crossing lines is not only annoying it's dangerous. This is why I enjoy woods riding so much more. The change of scenery and the challenge of what's next. I have heard of trail rage but is rare and I hate to say it but it has usually been a track MX rider.
  3. Wallsmith

    Kawasaki KX450F (2006)


    converted for trail use. big negative is the 4sp tranny, otherwise quick n nimble.
  4. Wallsmith

    Kawasaki KX450F 2006

    converted for trail use. big negative is the 4sp tranny, otherwise quick n nimble.
  5. Wallsmith

    Kx450f questions/concerns. Bought a bike, need help

    I bought an '06 KX450F last fall (advertised as an '07 and didn't figure it out til I got it home). I was pretty pissed about it being an "06 because I wanted the 5 spd. I paid $1,900 but it needed plenty of work. Same as you, I wanted it for the power plant. I knew the rest could be fixed. Mine also had a bent subframe, hole in the radiator, several stripped bolts, needed sprockets, chain, tires and the usual going thru. I found that the frame tab where the seat bolt goes was broken. I had it re-welded for $50. It has Pro-Connections suspension for a 220lb rider and NEW grip seat, bars, grips, ASV levers, LeoVinci pipe, triple clamp, valve shim kit and extra plastic. I plan on using it for trail riding so I bought a 12 tooth sprocket for the front. I also bought a TrailTech kickstand (cause I don't like looking for a tree when on the trail). This thread has given me some ideas for checking the suspension. Even though it was only 8 degrees out today I am anxious to get out in the woods (as soon as it warms up a bit).
  6. Wallsmith

    !!!Trailtech DRZ Flywheel Update!!!

    After reading the posts here at TT, I bought a LTZ400 flywheel for my 2001 DRZ-400. I figured the extra 8 oz. would do me good chugging through the woods. It arrived today and I took a quick look. It is clearly larger than the stock flywheel. Not just in weight but diameter. It will not fit at all. Unless I am missing something or the 2001 was different (everything I have read says they were unchanged) not sure why so many have said they are the same. Looks like I now have a LTZ400 flywheel for sale.
  7. Wallsmith

    TTR 125 Fork seal replacement

    I would try a wooden dowel tapped into the upper tube. If you don't have a manual the rod that you are trying to keep from spinning has a 10 pointed star shaped inset on the top. Place the wood into a vice and tape the fork onto it. Don't worry about wood bits coming off inside, you will have an opportunity to rinse it out once you have it apart. This combined with an impact wrench on the allen bolt should crack it loose. I sprayed a little WD-40 on the allen bolt as well. It was stubborn but eventually broke loose.
  8. I am wondering what ended happening on this problem since I am experiencing the same thing. My gears mesh the same as the photo. The sound I am hearing sounds like the kickstarter ratchet is not disengaging after the motor starts and you return the kickstart lever to the folded position. I can actually see that the teeth on the two ratchet halves are showing wear. I have unassembled and reasembled 4 times and cannot for the life of me figure out what is going on. My manual is for the DRZ400S it only shows an electric starter assembly.
  9. Wallsmith

    Kickstart shaft came out....

    I had the exact same problem and was able to get to find the hole. I put grease on the washer to hold it in place and took a long screw driver to compress the spring onto the shaft. While holding the screw driver at an angle above the clutch, I was able to wiggle it in there. Now my problem is that after assembly it sounds like the ratchet won't let go. I have had it apart 3 times and don't know if the spring tension is wrong. I can't find anything in the DRZ400 manual because it only show the S electric start. I found the parts schematic at bikebandit so I know it is assembled with all the correct parts in the proper order. sincerely frustrated. Jeff
  10. Wallsmith

    After 5 minutes, bike gets hot, then stalls...

    My DRZ400 did this same thing and it was simply running too lean. Check your air screw. It may have vibrated out. I have added the aftermarket extended air screw and it has turned itself out, thus letting in too much air and making it idle too lean. If you were on the gas hard and riding it I bet it would stay cool. The other thing to check if you are running stock jets, they come too lean from the factory. What is your altitude (feet above sea level)? I am at 1000 ft and it came so lean from the factory (stock jetting) it would overheat idling for 5 minutes. 2001 DRZ400K