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  1. jimmy450r


    anyone have a service manual for the ltz250? im trying to adjust the valves I must have got a lemon because its soooo low on power (changed oil/clean filter/new plug/compression is 170psi) hoping just the valves are out (starts up great, just no giddy-up)
  2. jimmy450r

    top speed

    I have to laugh everytime I hear someone claim "dirtwheels said" they also said that a slip on exhaust will add 15 hp to a yfz. and those hp numbers look way off. my research of real life dyno runs 450r = 42-43hp yfz = 39-40hp ltr = 38-39hp kfx = 38-39hp who ever spends the most goes the fastest
  3. jimmy450r

    people that have riddin 450s

    both in stock form the 04/05 yfz handles better and is quicker in 06 honda stepped up the motor and changed the gearing, the 06 and up 450r is quicker than the yfz (stock to stock or mod to mod) the 700 rappy is the perfect atv for someone to play on. Its fast, comfortable,looks good, and has reverse the 700 raptor and the 450r have the most room for larger people the yfz feels the smallest. dont trust a word you read in dirtwheels, I remember them telling me I could get 15 h.p. by adding a slip on exhaust to my yfz !!! HA HA HA (they say everything they are paid to)
  4. jimmy450r

    Your Warm-Up Procedure?

    if cold out--choke, let idle tell it gets rough, choke off let idle until I get my gloves,helmet on them bump gas to make sure its crisp (if it bobbles let idle for another min.) if hot -- fire up, put on gloves and helmet then bump the gas to make sure its crisp (if it bobbles let idle for another min.)
  5. blue in the day, clear at night. just after dusk my blue tint seems to throw off depth perception (in sand)
  6. jimmy450r

    yfz450 vs raptor700r drag race??

    best rider wins, if riders are equal the edge goes to the yfz. raptors are quick but not quick enough. I have left many 700 rappys on my 450r. do post back and let us know the outcome though
  7. there are some people out there that you really have to get to know before you realize they are really stupid............................ then there are others that let you know right up front.
  8. jimmy450r

    thumper quad, raptor 700r playin in the sand

    you must have caught some non skilled riders, an hrc 450r will eat your rappy. no offense, im saying you out rode them not out ran them. 80 on blacktop equals about 65 on sand