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  1. crazycanuck

    Fileings in oil

    Hey guys, I bought a 2000 yz426 a couple months ago and have only riden it 3 or 4 times, all short trips say 15 to 20 kilometers each. I decided it was time to change the oil. I pulled the oil filter and noticed small filings in the fins. I washed the filter in clean gas and saw that there was quite a bit of material, i dont have a magnet so i dont know if its steel, and i didnt see any brass. Is it normal to have some filings between oil changes, i know when braking in a new engine you will get some material on the first oil change. This is my first 4 stroke so any info would be appreciated.
  2. crazycanuck

    Kamloops Thumpertalkers....

    Hey keithb7, since you mentioned rain in your other post it wont stop, nice when i have to work but rain in the evening, you doing some sort of rain dance or what
  3. crazycanuck

    Moose Handlebars

    Hey guys, im looking to buy some Moose Flex Series handlebar for my 426YZ. Are any of you using them, or are there a better bar out there to replace my stock one. Any input would be appreciated.
  4. crazycanuck

    Inks midweek.

    I might be up there on Thursday. Depends if the rain will ever stop and i can get my bike fixed after todays adventure with very big tree and a silly person who stopped right in front of me around a corner .
  5. crazycanuck

    Dripping Oil

    Thanx YZer, appreciate the help. I can sleep better tonight.
  6. crazycanuck

    Dripping Oil

    Hey fellas, i picked up a 2000 yz426 a couple months ago and have only riden it 4 or 5 times. Anyways at the end of todays trip after i loaded up i noticed engine oil dripping from one of the tubes on the left side of the bike. Is this normal, i did put the bike on its a couple of time today. Just want to know if this is leading up to something serious or if its normal after putting it on its side. Any info would be appreciated.Thanx
  7. crazycanuck

    Kamloops Thumpertalkers....

    Was up Greenstone today. Awsome trail conditions and about 50 campers. Think everybody was recovering from last night though because not many people were on the trails. Another good ride unitll it started to rain and things went sideways,literally. . Where was everybody else this weekend.
  8. crazycanuck

    Kamloops Thumpertalkers....

    We usually park the trucks at the bottom of the duffy lake road by the pond on the left. There are tonnes of trails from that spot. Im going to have to figure out how to get to Ink fromthere. Some of the guys have said that itsa 5 hour ride. Think with the rain this weekend things are going to be very sloppy.
  9. crazycanuck

    Kamloops Thumpertalkers....

    Wheres everybody been. Havent heard from anybody in a while. Anyways ive been up Inks the last 2 weeks and the riding has been great. Recommend going on a week night becaue the weekends are crazy. Where has everyone else been riding?
  10. crazycanuck

    Just bought a yz426f whahooooooo!!!!

    Mine usually starts first kick also. Its when I stall out or dump it that i have a hard time starting it.
  11. crazycanuck

    Bomb Start

    Yes fellas, i guess "Bomb Start" must be a BC slang. I think it comes from when we used to push dead cars down the hills to get them started. they would backfire when you poped the clutch, sounding like a bomb. Great fun untill you hit a corner and the car wasnt fired yet. And yes BC ROCKS. Pull in clutch and decomp, get up a half decent speed, pop clutch and then decomp right after, fired both times for me. Thanx for all the suggestions folks.Going to check the valves ASAP. _________________________________ When in doubt, pin it out. 2000 YZ426
  12. crazycanuck

    Kamloops Thumpertalkers....

    All the snow is gone,for the most part. mosquitos are out already.Couldnt believe that nobody was up there. Hopefully it doesnt get to crazy. Duffy was nice and quite.
  13. crazycanuck

    Bomb Start

    Bomb start is a dead bike that you coast down a hill and pop the clutch to get it running. Sorry about the slang.
  14. crazycanuck

    Bomb Start

    I just bought a 2000 yz426. Ive had to bomb start it a couple time because i couldn't get it to fire. Haven't mastered the four stroke starting technique yet. Any ways i heard you guys say that it was very bad to stall your engine using the decomp lever. Is it also bad to use the decomp lever when bomb starting it. It seems to be the only way i could get it to fire. Any feed back would be appreciated. _______________________________ When in doubt, pin it out. 2000 YZ426
  15. crazycanuck

    Kamloops Thumpertalkers....

    Hey fellas, just went up to Greenstone on thursday night and it was awesome There was only the four of us, tons of trails to ride. Just watch out for the mud holes as they are deeper than they look due to runoff. only crashed once backflip down a steep hill, first bruises of the season Like to thank Robbie if he is reading this, couldnt have gotten going without your help. Let the fun begin.