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  1. pkrflyguy

    82 yz 490? should i get it?

    Hey: Just decided to sell my 81 YZ465. Love it but I have gone to the dark side (electric start). It's complete with spares. New fork seals, good sprockets and tires. I live near some killer hills (Carnegie in CA) and it's climbed anything I had the nerve to point it at. Message me for pics and more detail. T
  2. pkrflyguy

    Reno Area Ride 12/30??

    Intermediate +. Have ridden for over 30+ years. DRZ is set up for 95% off road. I live 15 minutes from Carnegie in CA and hillclimbs are the thing there. Only challenge with DRZ is when it's really tight...sucker weighs a ton. Tom
  3. pkrflyguy

    Reno Area Ride 12/30??

    Ok...I'm getting the message. How are conditions at Moonrocks? Any other areas that might be fun in the area?
  4. pkrflyguy

    A funny vid

    Funny how humbling snow can be! First time I rode the snow I went down a slight downgrade road and couldn't get back out. Couldn't have been more than a few degrees of grade but it took me about an hour to get 1/4 mile. Then I hit some frozen mud and crashed in a creek. Hummm...standing in a creek when it's below 20 degrees. Not a good idea. Straw that broke the camels back was the icy patch and the bouncing of my helmet when I went down. Still had a great time!
  5. pkrflyguy

    Reno Area Ride 12/30??

    Ok...I'm nuts but am staying up in the Reno/Verdi area the week of 12/29 and am thinking about bringing my bike. Rode Moonrocks last year and had a good time, albeit a bit snowy and challenging. Rode the hills above Verdi too until I hit an ice-covered road and ate my lunch hard. Oh, almost forgot the frozen mud that caused the crash it the tiny but cold creek...good times! Nuthin' like wet boots when its about 17 degrees! Am I crazy for considering a ride up there with the weather we're having? I would probably bring the DRZ. Any takers?
  6. pkrflyguy

    Pictures of Rear Light Set-Ups Please....

    I too went with the Baja Designs kit but used the Wheeling MOTO LED Flasher Type 602. I crash a lot (because I test the limits, not because I'm lame!) and they have never broken. The Type 586 from Wheeling for the fronts are sweet too!
  7. Any recommendations for a good KLR mechanic close to Livermore CA? Buddy's KLR 650 needs some love from someone who knows what the heck they are doing. Gracias!
  8. pkrflyguy

    Lots of fun at Prairie City!

    I guess that makes me the "key master"
  9. pkrflyguy

    Bullards Bar Riding Areas

    Oh, I though you meant, Yooo Hoo, the chocolate drink!
  10. pkrflyguy

    Bullards Bar Riding Areas

    No. Any ideas on the area? Much appreciated, Tom
  11. pkrflyguy

    Bullards Bar Riding Areas

    Hey: Wanna putt around on some easy / intermediate stuff around Bullards Bar this weekend. Killer high sierra ride last weekend makes me just want to do some easy scenic trails on my DRZ. Can anyone make suggestions? We'll be dragging the Toyhauler up to Schoolhouse. Gracias!
  12. pkrflyguy

    Lots of fun at Prairie City!

    That looks really familiar. Do these switchbacks look familiar? (super secret edited version): If that was you guys I ran into, going back the way you came in took balls. Even if others knew what this trail was really like, I doubt they would have the guts to ride it! P.S. I found my buddy but not after a really rough ride complete with bent handguards and butt pucker repeatedly.
  13. pkrflyguy

    3x3 Mod Cold Weather

    Rode over the New Year holiday in Reno area when it was in the 20's. Bike was happy and ran great w 3 x 3. Word of advice though, don't crash in a creek bed and soak your boots. Oh, almost forgot, ice on the trail kicked my butt too!
  14. pkrflyguy

    Any serious YZ465 riders out there?

    Love this bike but it needs to go to someone with more time on their hands to wrench on it. I have gone to the dark side (electric start) and it sits more than I ride it. New knobs too and spare parts and gaskets included. Sprockets and chain in good condition too. Gotta love those gold rims! I thought it "unimpressive" until I learned to ride it a gear or two taller than I thought I needed to be in. WOW. I live near some great hills (Carnegie in CA) and this bike has more guts than I do! It's got a very useable powerband unlike many of the older 2 strokes. Suspension is not too great by today's standards but on a vintage track like the one at Hollister Hills (CA) it's a lot of fun. I actually thought about racing it but realized that my "hot laps" were not too hot! Garage is full with 3 bikes, two quads, boat, and other toys. Anyone interested?
  15. pkrflyguy

    Moonrocks Pics - 12/30/07

    Running late and missed Oldedude and pals. Caught up with them later in the day. Overall, a great day about 30 minutes north of Sparks.